2/8M druid LF Guild


Class/Spec: Druid (Resto)
Faction: HORDE
Cleared: 8/8H 2/8M
Btag: stt#1337
Availability: Thursday-Monday 7-11pm CST

Ilvl 369
Neck 30

This is one of my alt that I would like to start getting into mythic raiding with. I had mostly main tank since the game came out. I pick up healing on other toons back in warth. I been mostly healing and tanking on this guy so most of my gear are for those 2 spec with healing being the main one. I am learning and gearing a boomkin set to DPS instead of healing if need be. Can also learn feral if rdps is not needed. I am willing to transfer server. Looking for a guild to progress with on the weekends. I’m really interested in Mythic Raiding. D.M me for more info

Cant raid Tuesday and Wednesday