2/2M Player LF Weekend Guild


Hello, I am a healer for Vision-Thrall looking for a casual weekend guild to raid on. My paladin and occasionally druid will be used in my main guild. That being said, I also have a monk/shaman available and at 410+. My logs for my main characters and alts can be provided via DMs if interested.

Prefer night times. Willing to play Horde or Alliance. You can contact me on discord: Myth#6580.


Intent - Kil’Jaeden is a 2 day weekend raiding guild currently looking to fill a few spots for the remainder of the tier and onward.

Raid Schedule
Friday: 9:00 PM - 1 AM PST
Saturday: 9:00 PM - 1 AM PST

Recruitment Needs

At this time, we are only accepting applicants with 5/9m experience minimum.

Tanks - 1 spot available
Brewmaster - high
Warrior - high
Paladin - medium
Death Knight - medium

Healers - 1 spot available
Priest - high
Paladin - high
Mistweaver - medium
Resto Druid - medium
Resto Shaman - medium

Melee DPS - 1 spot available
Rogue - low
Demon Hunter - low

Ranged DPS - 1-2 spots available
Shadow Priest - high
Boomkin - high
Hunter - medium
Mage - medium

We will ALWAYS consider exceptional players regardless of recruitment needs.

Players are expected to be open to suggestions and amenable to constructive criticism. We also expect everyone to treat each other with respect. If you cannot raid and discuss strategy in a civil manner, this is not the place for you. You may hear profanity in discord/guild chat but verbal attacks will not be tolerated.

As a raid team, especially with a limited schedule, it is important that we recruit people who are available to raid both Friday and Saturday evenings each week. As adults, we understand that things can come up and schedules can change. It will never be held against you if you have to miss the occasional raid due to unforeseen circumstances. Notice of absence is appreciated.

Intent was originally founded on Korgath during Wrath of the Lich King as a progression focused guild, raiding about 9 hours per week. We transferred to Kil’Jaeden at the beginning of 2014 and successfully cleared Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar before 6.0 released.

We are looking to build a solid community, including Mythic+ groups, achievement raids/runs, PvP, etc.

Add me on bnet at Bchuxii#1334 if you’re interested. Thanks!


Still looking for somewhere! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/interest.

Btag: Myth#1924
Discord: Myth#6580