2/2H 5/9M Exp 413 MM Hunter LF 2-Day Late Night Guild


Date Posted: 5/7/2019
Class/Spec: 413 MM Hunter
Faction: Horde (not willing to go Alliance)
Cleared: 9/9H 4/9M BoD
Btag: Enceno#1753
Discord: Enceno#7514
Availability: 2-night 10PM Central (firm + or - 30 min) Start Time.
Logs/Armory/IO: Look up Encenoa on Tichondrius

Info: I am a long time player looking for a long term home. I am willing to transfer to any Horde guild looking for a reliable player as long as your raid times start between 9:30PM-10:30PM CST and you raid 2 nights a week. I’m looking for a decently progressed team. I am 2% from being a 5/9M experienced player. Please connect with me as I’m ready to find a new home immediately after my current guild stopped raiding as of Sunday.


Hi Encenoa,

I’m with Avalanche on Area 52, we raid Tues and Thurs starting at 10:15 CST till 1:30 CST. We’re 1/2 H 2/9 M but making progress… We focus mostly on AotC and dabble in Mythic. We would be happy to have you check us out as a potential new home.