[1m Video] Griefer (52) vs. Veskr (60 Frost Mage) Long Fight 2x Ice Block // Vanish

Aight no 1937 insta-win button this time.
If you say I just caught him off guard I’d say I gave him fair warning with the whelpling out. Not to mention the courtesy of waiting until he was full HP/Mana.

Yeah I could have bandaged during the blind but I figured the 5 point evis I was about to do would end it (nerf ice barrier pl0x). Plus why waste a bandie when you can cannibalize that tender gnome meat?

I think you played well on your part, but this mage was extremely unimpressive. Reflect trinket? Poly hello? Then you just walked around and got out of combat and it looked like he had no clue what to do. Alliance really need to learn some basic pvp concepts.

rekt lul ezclap

It’s been really difficult to find a good fight. Most Alliance players seem uninterested in PvP and when you force it they perform terribly or just stand there and let you kill them. I guess people only want to PvP if there is some kind of reward involved.