1k gold for 'Softhands' alliance mage to leave Faerlina


My guildie has been camped so much by an alliance mage ‘Softhands’ that he is offering 1k gold for anyone who can convince ‘Softhands’ to xfer servers. He wants him gone. LOL

Does anyone else have a similar story of being camped?


What’s with all of these alliance naming themselves after body parts? I saw a guy named “Hardnips” last night in scarlet monastery (very dangerous place for Alliance on a pvp server btw).


Doubt your buddy even has 1k


I just convinced him to tranfer. I’d like that gold asap, thanks!


Nope… haven’t been camped. Only been ganked once in fact… last night outside NP in Desolace. Thought I was about to own the 33 warrior that attacked me… then his ?? Priest friend in shadowform came out from the shadows.


Horde has actually been nice on this server… (Arcanite Reaper) I could have been ganked at least 6 or 7 times already but they’ve waved and moved on.

Last night I was running thru Feralas to get the fp at Feathermoon and I got attacked by a ?? mob… and a ?? shaman on a mount dismounted…

… and killed the mob while I kept on running.

Can’t explain it… it is a PvP server.


Squidman on Whitemane. Dude griefed Red Ridge for over 2 hours last night. I had enough time to play to finish the elite quests out there but instead had to log with my body on the floor :frowning: