199 Ret pally LF causal raiding guild

Looking for guild/ community to do group activities with. I’m tired of pugging raids and mythics+. Raid times 9-11pm est any day of the week. Preferably 2 or 3 days a week while doing mythic+. I’m 10/10 CN normal

I do have previous raid experience back in the day. Have been playing on and off since TBC.

Feel free to reach out
Discord: llama#1830
Bnet: shotzul#1393

Hey Alanaria! I sent you a discord request, would love to chat!

Hey Alanaria! If you are still waiting on the right fit, I’d love for you to consider Dedicated and Medicated Gaming. We are a new guild and we are building up our roster for raiding. However, all our core members have earned KSM and AoTC and plan to keep this going for 9.1. Although we are not quite ready to pull mythic, our core members have done mythic raiding last tier and we were 3/10. We do plan to push into mythic once the roster is full and the team is ready. However, if you are not interested in Mythic raiding, you are still welcome for any heroic pulls and keys we do.

There is no spec requirement as we just want people to have fun playing what they love best. You can play any role you like in keys and our raid roster has DPS and Healing spots open. You also do not have to join our guild to play with us. If you want to feel us out as a community first, you are welcome to do this too.

If this sounds appealing, here’s our bnets and discord:




Meega #11302

check us…