195 and climbing Hpally(returning player)

Returning Player, I’m a little behind and willing to put in the work as the catch up mechanics arent horrible this time around. Ive currently obtained my Legendary for Holy shock, and I’m gearing as quick as possible.

I was 11/12m Last tier, and i would like to find a home that will push mythic raiding every tier. I am being very patient as i do not want to repeatedly have to look for a new guild, one that I mesh with and has the same goals is a one time deal.

I am a PST player so raid times would be preferred to be 6-9ish PST. If you would like to know more, drop your info and i’ll contact you. thank you.

AoTC focused guild with goals on Mythic content LF dependable raiders who can meet our requirements. 205 iL and good attendance required. Thur/Fri 7p-10p server. Discord Tulgurth#1113. Give me a holler.

Hi Beefyribs! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


Still looking for the impossible.

If cation/server change is an option, let’s chat!

Just going to drop this right here if you’re interested in logging in to the game, interacting with people, and just having some fun with game content.

Illidans Redemption, formerly Sisters of the Night (est Feb 2005), is likely the oldest active guild on Silverhand and we’re quite proud to still be around led by one of its founding members.

We have weekly Legacy raids for xmogs/mounts, raids, heroics, and general shenanigans We are active 5 pm EST USTZ through the weeee morning hours of 2 am.

We are currently regrouping after BFA hiatus and rebuilding our mythic, arena/BG PvP team as well as a regular 10 man raid group. But we’re also interested in just about any regular player who enjoys experiencing aspects of the game together. We simply aren’t a solo’ers/chat lurkers type guild. Everyone knows everyone here by name.

Find us in the Guild Finder tool, our discord @ discord.gg/WkD8axzQqn or Shade_PWS#9836

Hey we are 2/10 mythic. We raid on Tuesday Wed Thursday from 9-12cst. We are loosing a core healer soon, and are looking for another!

We are horde, Illidan
Add me on battlenet if interested Scarie#1189

HI Beefy –

sits in your time slots of 6-9 PST on T/Th. We’re on malganis currently at 9/10H and looking to push into mythic. Add me if you’re interested!


Tues/Thurs (8PM-11PM CST)



If you have any questions, please contact:

GM BNET: Ekye#11711
GM Discord: Ekyu#3966

Hey there, I’m with Dogecoin on Bleeding Hollow. We’re currently 9/10 H, looking to fill out a couple spots for mythic. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm est. If that works for you or you’d like to discuss further, you can message me at:
Battletag - Adam#14502
Discord - Adam#7838

Beefyribs S E V E N is looking for a Holy Paladin as we start mythic raiding


Battletag: Drochdeo#1237
Discord: Drochdeo#6966

Dirt Flap is a core group of 14 that left the previous guild to form their own guild. We are looking for chill people that want to push content and have fun. Raid leader of 8+ years experience.

We run many mythic+ groups, pushing into Mythic raiding, & RBGS.

Raid Days: Tuesday & Wednesday
Raid Times: 7:30-11 pm Server Time (CT)

10/10 N

Minimum ilvl of 210+, experience 9/10H.

Currently looking to fill some spots. will take any of these classes/or amazing player.

Contact me Jaebabe#1755
Or Sh0#9012