1800 on demo lock in 5 shuffles never having played it before lol

insane how easy dps mmr is compared to healing

i didnt even win my first match hard

match order:

never even played this spec in my life


any askers?

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the same way i didnt ask why my disc priest at 1900 mmr healing me didnt press flash heal a single time in a 3 minute game

Just curious how geared was this toon?

full blues except for crafted cloak and boots


While I generally enjoy reading these comments, they also remind me how bad I am at playing dps specs in pvp (e.g., I find it harder to climb as dps, despite the mmr advantage).

First world problems though I guess :slight_smile:

Starting this late in the season and getting decent placement games will put your MMR at a level that you basically can’t lose rating until 2k. I tried BM hunter for the first time since I abandoned him at level 11 in 2004 and I hit 2k in 2s and shuffle in about 2 nights of queueing.

Yes it’s easier to climb as dps, but it’s also easier to climb in general on a fresh toon at this point in the season

The really good players called rival free in like, July.

But at this point even I can say its practically free.


yea i’ve never argued that 1800 isnt free, but it’s funny how fast i hit it compared to healer even with similar win loss ratios due to how the mmr works

It’s definitely not as a healer but ok

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As a rat league player, this mmr right now is rough. Every match has an 0-6 first time healer, so I’m living the 3-3 dream.

if qs were faster it would be a great time for alts

Ironically I have more alts rival this season than I’ve ever had. Hence my stance that its kinda free.

yeah i get it. i just hate the wait. its a long time for a low quality match

Yeah I get that, I don’t like it either but I play on an RP realm so its kinda easy to just pop a video on, hang out with my kids or somethin or just chat with folks in game until it does.

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