18 year veteran; thoughts

I love this game. It has been a part of my life for almost two decades. I have never closed my account and I have always played, without breaks. I have raided, all difficulty levels across the expansions and done 5 man content and been ultra casual. A collector in the extreme.

I find myself struggling this expac with the sheer amount of overwhelming CRAP I log into on a fresh character. It is absolutely overwhelming. I feel almost… anxious.

This is probably because I, like many other long time players, am a completionist. I like to be caught up and organized. I like handling my daily tasks in an organized fashion.

When you create a new character in these last few expansions; you’re bombarded with a thousand things to do from a thousand different directions.

I KNOW WE CAN IGNORE the earlier ‘gearing’ mechanics of the Forbidden Reach… but we STILL get quests for it. I know we can ignore most of the quests if we want – but your renown will suffer, even WITH the buffs you get from other characters being max renown. It is a headache and a pain in the butt and it makes me NOT want to log into alts. It makes me NOT want to HAVE alts.

It didn’t used to be this way, but the creep of ‘content’ is absurd at this phase and needs a severe trim.

Being an 18 year veteran I’ve seen all the attempts at player retention you have tried to make, with also trying to manage the immense egos of your development team who. in all honesty, have no interest at all in making the game fun, and seem to want to develop things at odds to player enjoyment and ease of play.

Particularly with trying to make this a skill game for eSports. It’s been a silly endeavor from the start and you cater to those <01% of players and really – what the bulk of the playerbase is playing is just a watered down version of the “real” game that those high end people play, what the developers tinker and tinker and screw up specializations for… has nothing to do with us people down on the ground. We just are shadows who… pay their paychecks.

Oh and fwiw; Activision suits, no one, absolutely no one, wants to play WoW because they saw some eSport stream. lol I think it’s kind of hilarious you ‘business model’ people even believe that. Do you even play games? It feels like you are beyond out of touch. And have never been in touch. Blizzard has lost a lot, since being bought by Activision.

But despite this rant, that no one will care or read or anything and I already know I’m shouting into the void; I just want to ask, as one of your most loyal players for over two decades easily (because after all, I didn’t just begin with WoW. I played Warcraft and Starcraft and Diablo, too)…

Please, for the love of all that’s holy and F U N;

Let us have account-wide renown at the very least and if you were feeling generous – account-wide MAIN STORYLINES. Yes, yes, YES I KNOW we can SKIP. But you cannot skip everything – and even that stresses me out - and it’s boring, and I don’t want to do it 4 times.

I would play so much MORE if I wasn’t harassed with so MUCH in my face when logging on a new character.


Someday I’ll read a GD complaint thread without ridiculous hyperbole.



This meandered quite a bit, but there is something to be said about an entire playerbase trained to complete all content to stay relevant for over half a decade being dropped into an expansion with even more content with 0 of the urgency for completion.


Does every character have to be a completionist? Why not just have one character that does everything, and the others (alts) just take it easy.


I wish you could do this, but you cannot – you’re bombarded with DO THIS, DO THAT, DO THIS… RENOWN RENOWN RENOWN. UNLOCK THIS, UNLOCK THAT.

There are probably ‘quiet mods’ that might hide this stuff for you – that might be something worth looking into.


Every time I make a new char it takes me a solid 15-20 mins just to get actually playing.


I hate the fact that you cannot complete collections and member only walls have been implemented into the game to make sure folks cant get everything available to elitists.



Characters with quest marker clutter, unfished bars and unfilled bubbles get itchy.

(Although for renown, I’ve basically turned that into one of my main endgame motivations)


The people that are .01% are more important than the rest of us because even the devs think we suck and aren’t worth their time. We either get good or get lost. That’s pretty much the gist of their development efforts imo.


I mean you could just, like… do the quests?

I do everything on my main so Valdrakken is nice and quiet on her and then just ignore it all on my alts.


I’m so sorry Briselody you completely misunderstood. Of course on my main it is complete. I am not talking about my main – of course. I am talking about other characters, called alts.


I can easily agree with this part. I feel downright anxious too these days. I didn’t feel that way in earlier versions of that game, and I do not feel this way in other online games so I know it’s not a “me” thing, as some might try to suggest.

There is just so much going on all the time… the mental checklist along with popup distractions that try to pull you away from it, is just a little much for my simple heart sometimes.

This part however I cannot agree with. I’m sure they genuinely want the game to be fun but it’s very hard I think keeping both players and the upper crust happy!

Ultimately nobody goes to college to get a job in the video game industry just because they want to ruin everyone’s fun, lol. I’m sure they are doing the best they can under the constraints the upper management has placed on them. :upside_down_face:


Xiriel – have you ever been to a BlizzCon and seen these guys on the ground? I am sure one could search up YouTube videos of examples even in their panels. But I don’t want to get into a fighting match over my opinion on the devs here. It’s irrelevant.

Even my opinion about the chaos of content is just that, an opinion. It does not matter at all.

But I have played for almost 20 years straight and only just now am I getting sick and tired of the quest harassment. Absolutely sick and tired. It makes me not want to play my alts and not try different specs, it just exhausts me.

So, I need to just knuckle down and ignore quests, or just stick to one toon – which makes me sad. Both are losses, imo.


WoW 2023, developed for ESports and Fomo. Working as designed.


I definitely get what you mean. I didn’t really play May - August, and now I log in and I’m spammed with quests. I have no idea what I should be doing or where to go. It’s tough to even concentrate on a specific renown because the quests are scattered, and everything is on timers.

This weekend I ended up just doing trading post stuff for my 1k to get my crab, tried to join an epic BG and logged off after the queue didn’t pop in 20 minutes. I miss daily hubs and queues being 5-10 minutes.



Mythic+ having 20 difficulty settings with rewards while the top 0.1% have another 12 additional difficulty levels past that screams catering to the elite.

Raids having 4 difficulty settings.

Dragon riding races, soup, researches under fire, Zskar vaults, dreamsurges, and time rifts all scream catering to the 0.1%!



I think I agree with this. I complete things on my main, my alts just want to relax. The map clutter, etc. it’s just a big mess. And the pop up messages from NPCs shouting at you to do world quests when you just want to relax and fly is terrible. They should add a button to be able to turn things off unless you want them ? maybe they have it already and I missed it.


Get the addon BeQuiet, all those stop, kills the audio and talking heads.

Was so happy i found it early in the expansion!


This. THIS.

You want us to hang around in the game blizz? Timeless Isle. TIMELESS ISLE.

Don’t make the rares spawn every 10 minutes for crying out loud – make them RARE. We LIKE IT WE LIKE IT!! Make that drop RARE.

It feels SPECIAL to FINALLY get it!!

Anyone care or remember Arathi Basin rares? Darkshore? ANYWHERE SINCE LEGION?
nope… nope nope nope… no one cares or remembers crap any more. Because everything is just a chaos of “content” and sweets are handed out to satiate and it’s just not… satisfying.


18 year vet here as well, I struggle from the same issues as you, There isnt a perfect formula as you and I both know. You are correct however, these tasks are NOT fun to do for completionist sake, and player retention. However, Blizzard is trying to release great content fast. This is one of the better expansions that has had me actively playing throughout the entirety.