16+ year guild Recruiting guild for Dragonflight

< Chimera > Formerly of Durotan server and now on Stormrage Is setting up for a return come dragonflight. We have been a guild since Vanilla (Beginning of BC) and have cleared every major raid from Vanilla to BFA.

Our old goals were heavily mythic / high end / hardcore oriented. This time around, we just want to have some fun, clear some Normal / Heroic content. (Rarely the occasional mythic fight) M+ and enjoy the game with each other.

If you are looking for a place with cool laid back people, the ability to learn and grow together as a team / friends, and longevity, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been through everything from vanilla to half of shadowlands before finally deciding to relax… Now, we’re back at it and looking for fun and good people. Casuals are indeed welcome as well.

Now, I’m not saying that our raid schedule will be casual just do it whenever, Our raid nights will be Tuesday / Sunday 8-10:30 EST. but will have a much more relaxed outlook on that aspect of the game.

for more information please reach out! We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to contact me / us directly either in game… or by joining us on discord.

^Community invite^ cross faction.

[GM] Frozenwing - Stormrage (In game) Frozenwing#1670 bnet.


M+ System for Dragonflight is beginning to look pretty interesting… I hope it keeps going in that direction!

Any idea what raid days and times might be?

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We are currently working on that right now. Trying to get a base availability from members. Looking to have that worked out by tonight / tomorrow at the latest… Definitely EST evenings… just unsure which days.

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Update: Things seem to be leaning toward a 2 night week. 2.5 hours a night, we dont want to over-populate our time anymore. plus it leaves room for m+. still gathering information on availability before choosing days.

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updated for raid times Tuesday / Sunday 8-10:30 EST

I love your mog! <3

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haha… its called “random shtuff” lol…

You can’t get any more achievement points. Nice, round number. Retire this account to the forums and start a new one. :smiley:

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haha… its 25040 now :frowning: RIP!

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Still looking for some cool people… found a few already… I know we have plenty of time before DF, but…

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definitely looking for good people … always! things are moving along nicely… found some nice people already…

Good evening all!

ZUG ZUG…! :slight_smile:

bored and hanging on the forums! how you doin?

Good morning all… except those of you it’s not morning for!

And good afternoon!

Good evening … except for those its not evening for.,.

We’ve got a pretty good thing going so far… hanging out and working on M+ because bored… still looking for more people to get that /g filled up before DF