15th Anniversary Reward

So, I’ve zero doubt I’ll get flamed by the “purists” out there for this, but I’ll throw it out anyway…

To celebrate the 15th anniversary this year, instead of another useless pet, how about something useful…?

A “Time” Traveler’s (tundra) mount that we can get/use in classic perhaps?

Have you actually seen the rewards this year.


No, I haven’t.

Might be good to actually take a look before jumping to conclusions.


We are getting a deathwing mount this year after we do the 15th anniversary raid.

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Yup. I’m actually looking forward to having this particular mount for my mount collection. It will be great with my Core Hound mount from WoW’s 10th Anniversary when you completed the Raid Finder version of Molten Core.

A Pet + Deathwing mount is hardly useless

That goes 100% against the design of classic. Neither the players really keyed up on Classic or Blizzard would be in favour of doing this.