15th Anniversary Items


Not that I can add much but same for me. I received the pet, summoned and leveled it up to lvl 22 before server maintenance. I can no longer summon him as he is listed as revoked.


need muh 15%


Ya got on before the maintenance an now same song an dance all of you. Was hopping today was gonna be good too.


cant you just resend the mail to all chars? whats the worst that will happen 2 fireworks?


I too got my anniversary reward prior to the reset and now after the reset I can’t access Lil’ Nefarian. It has a status of “Revoked” when I look at him in the journal. I can’t summon or level him.


ragnaros bugged


Quite a few bugs with this. Pet is now listed as revoked and unable to be summoned. Ragnaros has a lot of DCing going on.

I got the Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire on my rogue, got my mount and learned it. It now says I have not collected the mount. :frowning:


Same happened on my main/DH account. Set it as fav, re-logged and now completely missing, along with the panda-kite mount from “We’re going to need more saddles” 150 mount achievement. I’ve opened a support ticket.

(Meowfurion) #34

Can’t summon pet. FIrework deleted. WoW anniversary token deleted. Had logged in before reset and used them. Now they’re gone. I have the achieve and the opened email in my box.

(Zaphon) #35

Firework Gone, Token Gone, Lil’ Nefarian, greyed out and can’t summon, Obsidian Worldbreaker Mount (which I’m sitting on on my character), says I haven’t even earned it. Things are amiss at the Circle K…


I completed the achieve to earn the mount about 20 minutes ago. I got the mail from Chromie, looted the mount, learned it, and mounted up. After logging out and to another character, I couldn’t find the mount in my collection. Logging back to the character I got it on, the mount was also missing there, despite being ON it. Once dismounting, I could no longer click the icon which I had moved to my action bars. Upon further looking, my Lil Nefarian pet is also missing, which I had learned before even doing the Anniversary content. I still have the achieve for earning the mount and the letter from Chromie as a result, but the mount and pet have both disappeared from my collection.


Same here.


ALSO i did the quest to get the mount, got the achv, logged out and back in. Gone. Mount is gone when you log out.


same here too


same as well looted box only got nefarian pet whelp on my first toon i logged in on only now i cant summon it, its icon on pet journal is greyed out an tooltip says pets locked when i try to summon it.


Same here, I did the thing on my hunter and I been wanting this mount. Now it disappeared and I am depressed. I hope this gets fixed soon.

And now that I checked, Lil Nefarian is missing as well from my collection.


i guess they are working on it, who knows. worst event to date


it feels really bad being punished for playing a lot and early. now i cant get the mount with my friends tonight

(Kwashiorkor) #46

I got the buff but the nefarian pet can’t be used by me any more… It worked fine until I relogged.


I have the same problem. i got the achive, logged out for 10 mins, and it dissapeared.