150+days playing time in old classic/tbc why I'm strongly against classic boosting

Hullo, I am a rare WoW player. One that spent most of his time in 29-59 pvp BGs.
it was a good medium between obtainable gear to be relevant in all levels but also a high celing cap. So you could farm quests/dungeon/pvp gear, put on farmed medium chants, and be able to kill anyone without a main. after 3 years of playing I would normally hit top of charts in all categories.

Coming back after 18 years and looking at boosting mentality has made me sad.
I understand it, and I’m with you when I say that the leveling sucks in classic. But also realize this, this is an MMO with many different types of people, personality, play styles, and interests.

Some people don’t even play they just sit in the AH all day, that is how they enjoy the game. While the leveling is long and slow and sucky, for ppl trying to max out chars with no main as a challenge, it is neccessary to have that slow exp gain so you can get the gears you need in dungeons.

This created a high ceiling for ppl who wanted to really invest in their tunes and max out the known gear before they hit the level curve.

Most ppl don’t really care about pvp, or 29-59, so I can see how boosting became a “solution” to a poor leveling solution. But i’m telling you boosting is not the answer. while it may serve your personal needs, as a whole it is unhealthy for the game.

  1. It lets new players hit max without neccasary skills and knownledge to succeed.
  2. it makes finding a group for ppl who want to experience the game and work for their gear hard.
    3.It unbalances gear bell curve, instead of having a natural distribution, allowing some players to have different experiences putting in time and effort in both pve and pvp, now you have a min max, where ppl either are undergeared because they dont have mains or the guild to boost and can’t do dungeons and get some of the gear like its intended, and ppl who have max gear doing nothing, with a variety of skill. This makes PvP bG balance a mess.

And i’d be cool with equal level gear for pvp, but this is not it. It’s too ez to hit max and too hard to become relevant, ESPECIALLY for new players coming to classic.
watch them get 2shotted by a noob who has no idea what he’s doing who got free sfk boosts.

  1. It’s bad for the economy, instead of letting select ppl farm dungeons for gold, some items are in excess of demand and some are low in demand. It’s also became a spam in all channels, not just the /trade.

  2. It’s not actually more effective than grinding. the appeal is you can afk and level. If ppl wanted a solution why not just add training afk sticks like in black desert?

  3. WoW is as much as an exploration game as anything else. by getting summoned and boosting players are missing the experience. Yes being lost and walking for hours in the barrens and tlaking in chat is part of the experience. I’ts what ppl wanted in classic that retail stemmed away from it and boosting is taking that away by adding retail mentaility to classic.

Blizzard plz make it so theres a range of levels in groups so you can’t have a 45+ with a lvl 20 (i could see a 15 lvl range). you can’t remove exp because that makes it cheat mode for twinks and you can’t add a max lvl to dungeon cause tyhat stops 60s who actually need to farm the dungeon but a range of all lvls in groups easily solves all of this.


TLDR, but I’ll guess you’re whining about boosting based on your thread title.

We’ve had enough changes and Blizzard needs to stop catering to every single person who feels the game isn’t what they remember with their rose-tinted goggles on.
Remove those goggles and stop trying to police how you feel everyone else should be playing the game. Everyone just knows everything there is about this old game, and will find ways to maximize whatever it is they want to do in-game.

  1. New players wont be able to afford boosting.

And people boosting to max fits into what you just said, perhaps you should realize it before asking others to.


While I agree with most of what you said, boosting isn’t going anywhere. The players want it. They don’t want to level that fifth alt or whatever. And I don’t think Blizzard is invested enough in the project to make the changes to actually stop it. Just accept it and find your space.


I feel sad for people who got boosted. They have missed 70 % of the game they are paying for.
I think the logic that “I already leveled my main normally and i don’t want to do it again” doesn’t work due to each char has it is own journey , friends and foes and so on.
I know it for sure as I leveled 3 chars to 60 and plan to add 2 more to finally stop leveling.
Yet, leveling my hunter (4th) and priest (5th) still feels fun to me and like i am playing the good mmo.


Like when lvl 29 or 27 blue crossbow drops from the mob for hunter lvl 32 and you feel so happy like you got the good epick lol.
U know what i mean brah


Lolwut? You roleplay your IRL self as well? Are you that lightning bolt larping guy???
This is like, just weird lol. My friends and foes remain the same between all my characters…and a journey? Really? I guess some people just have a more vivid imagination than others, because I don’t see playing this game as a journey, not after leveling a toon for over the 100th time over all the years this game has been out…


What I meant is when you are leveling your character you have to interact with other players right? ones from your faction would be friends , others- foes.
Each time you meet a different people for every characters you level, which make game experience unique and fun.

If you are not getting the sense of the game you are playing then peace out please

A) How difficult it is or is not to hit max level is your opinion. Everyone has their own definition for “just right” pace of leveling. You are welcome to your opinion but there is no reason we should be subject to it.

B) New players coming to classic aren’t boosting, they don’t have any gold.


This sums it up right here for me. A player shouldn’t be able to advance in a game without actually playing the game. Just like pay-to-win, it shatters the entire foundation, the entire point, of a video game, which is to play the game and overcome obtacles in order to receive rewards and a corresponding sense of accomplishment. And any game that allows it is critically flawed.

But I understand that it won’t be fixed in Classic, and I understand why. We can’t have these (retail) developers tinkering too much with this game, because we don’t trust them, and thus #nochanges. So it’s just a flaw that we have to accept.


They would argue they are playing the game. They’re just applying the resources of one character to benefit another character.

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As someone who has levelled 4 60s with zero boosts, I have noticed a Massive decline in people willing to form a group levelling. And Wpvp in quest areas has died down significantly, which does suck a bit.

Personally I guess I am OK with people boosting if they want to miss out on meeting new people… But I do miss making a whole bunch of friends/enemies along the journey to 60.


I didn’t bother finishing a 60 in Classic due to the new mentality. Not interested in skipping trash and mage grinding instances. Really kills the fun of the game for me.


I find it hilariously ironic that people will be okay with boosting but then get then get completely triggered if someone suggests Blizz sell level 60 classic characters.


yawn no one cares

I already leveled my main why would I want to do the same quest and dungeons all over again on an alt?

/run the same raids over and over on main and alt at 60.

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Raid gear remains relevant forever. Anything you do at level 34 is irrelevant for the long term progression of your character. Any raid lockout you miss while leveling is one less shot at onslaught girdle, rejuvenating gem, or tear. Thus many people rush leveling.

I believe the distinction is that it’s all “in game”. The assumption is that they have a main that’s putting in the time/effort to farm the gold to pay for the boosting. The number of bots we see tell me that’s not always the case, but that’s the belief.

Yeah, that’s bullspit. Technically youre “playing the game” but fundamentally youre no different than someone buying a max level character.

I appreciate the OPs sentiment but Classic is already cooked. It might get a couple of months beyond Naxx but the long term sustainable future for most servers doesnt seem to be a likely prospect.


Anything you do in the game is irrelevant because it’s a video game.

And most raid gear is only until the next tier other than a few items per tier. Naxx gear trumps many slots.

There is no progression in classic, especially raiding. You win just zoning in.

The leveling is amazing but end game is such a snooze fest it’s a travesty.