1500 IO Player looking to get into raiding again

Hey guys, ive currently been maining Blood DK running keys but am looking to get into raiding again as i can now commit to a schedule. Mainly looking for a weekend raiding guild with times around 6-11pm EST.

I have played every role and every class over the years playing WoW and am comfortable playing whatever your guild would need me to play in 9.1 regardless of the role. I currently have all classes at max level and would be ready to go on whatever for next tier.

I also love running m+ so a guild that also enjoys that would be awesome.

Thanks all!

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Hi Keystones! If open to raiding during the week, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hi Keystones!

Dark Gestures is an AOTC focused guild on Thrall looking to broaden out our raiding roster. We are currently 10/10h. Current raid night is Saturday 8-11 est. Raid nights for 9.1 will be Fri/Sat 8-11p EST with an alt “fun run” starting a few weeks into the content Wed 7-10p. In 9.1 we are looking to build a mythic roster for fun. Right now we have room for a variety of roles and specs. If you are interested please respond to this message or add me on bnet and we can talk further.

Bnet: Devonair#1975

Barely An Inconvenience
Currently looking for HEALERS & DPS & Anyone with a tank OS to fill a core roster of 20 for the start or 9.1

We will assist in helping gear up through Heroic/Normal CN and M+

RAID TIMES: Tuesday & Thursday 9PM - 12AM EST, Saturday alt day.

We are AOTC, but the last boss is not on farm yet, if you need help with gear and or your class, the guild is open to help.

No transfers are required unless you want to. As long as you can make it!

Feel free to reach out to me at Rusty#1215 with any questions.