15 yr vet returns!


So, I’ve been at this game since beta of Vanilla. Its been a very long ride, alot of characters, alot of realms, and several different accounts. Yes, thats how much I love this game. And I hate it too, pretty much sums up anything in life, pros and cons.

Pro, fresh start with everyone in Vanilla. The Con… everyone I know is doing their own thing, scattered amongst the stars I guess you could say. I guess in a way it’ll be a great way to meet new people. But ugh… new people… lmao.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in some of the best guilds in the world - especially one who gave some of the top 5 US a good battle for progression in Vanilla - WOLK. Hey atleast Naxxramas won’t be a hiccup before TBC like last time!

I guess what I’m writing for is… I’m on bigglesworth… it seems worth… BUH DUM TSSH…

Like I said fresh start, hopefully its a good server, with a good bunch of folks. If you happen to be there, look me up: Lokim

If we happen to see each other in battle (which you know I’m gonna be there for TM VS SS, 12+ hr long AV’s and more) LOK TAR OGAR!

And maybe if you’d like, whether you be Alliance or Horde, maybe we could be friends. That is what WoW is all about right? Besides the game, the community (atleast the good part!).

And besides that, guess I’ll pitch - if you want to come chat with me, get to know me… Just look me up @ Lokim23 - While I’m no big person in this streaming world like asmon, toweliee, etc. I am a unique person, and a kind positive soul!

Otherwise… I hope you all enjoy Vanilla. And hope to see you around. :kissing_heart::hugs: