15-20 drops in frames in-game

I came back to WoW a few days ago and ever since, at least once per log-in I get a period of constant 15-20 frame drops for a few minutes. It’s pretty annoying, especially while doing content such as M+. Not sure what’s causing it since the game seems to run fine at 60fps for whenever these drops don’t happen.

Hey there,

Depending on circumstances what you are experiencing could be caused by a number of things. Without any details on the system though it would be tough to narrow that down. Typically these types of issues come down to drivers or OS being outdated, Corruption with the game client or settings or interference from other software on the system.

Occasional drops that don’t seem to follow any specific pattern and last a few minutes then go away. Leads me to think there is something on the system affecting performance whenever it does something in the background.

But that is just a guess based on the details provided. I recommend temp disabling any other software running on the system while playing and seeing if that helps. If not then try to get us a dxdiag. posted here or hosted on a site like paste bin.

Thank you for the reply.


This is the link for the DxDiag report, hope it can be of use.

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti - what mode setting do you use in game and what’s the resolution?

Also does the drops happen when something is happening - like combat, mass spell effects? If there is a lot of spell effects at once and you are on mode 4-5 or higher it can “clog” the GPU.

If the slowdown is not related to that then it could be some app in the background trying to use GPU and/or CPU a lot (check task manager) or Nvidia driver conflict (you would have to remove Nvidia drivers with DDU and then install them fresh).

If it’s recurring it could also be thermal problems. If it’s usually after loading the game or zoning into an instance then also storage could be to blame.

You can run Userbenchmark before running the game and then again while the game is running and got the problem, then post both URLs to the results. The result page lists every component of your PC and they list percentile performance of that component vs other PCs with exact same component so if storage or other element is underperforming it should be visible.

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