12/12M Fire Mage LF guild!

LF Guild to make my Home, Reclear Raid with and push M+ with sell runs what ever and just preparing for shadowlands
Really looking for just a 2 night raiding guild idc how many hours a night just 2 max lol
open for all hours but late nights are a big plus and maybe even alt runs
carried on nzoth but my best pull on nzoth is 6%
with only using combust on2nd tenticle after pull & then only on nzoth after

Contact me on Discord, kingbiggie#3290

Hello, names Ivaedra and I run an 8/12 Mythic focused mid-tier horde guild on Area 52. We raid Tue/Thur 8-11 EST and clear heroic for our alt run on wednesdays as well as old raid achieves (such as mythic jaina) for funzies. Were currently still raiding and looking to cycle out a few of our raiders that would like to take on a more casual role until SL so we do have 1-2 immediate core spots available.

Vae#11186 - btag
Ivaedra#2899 - disc

would love to have you come try out with our guild . we have 2 mythic raid teams and we do a fun heroic run on fri/sun
team FTA raids tues/wed 8-11 and team FFE raids wed/turs 9:30-12:30 . hit me up btag: boom#1255

We are an early morning raiding guild (10am est) and are currently looking for ranged DPS to finish off CE on horde side.

If you think you might be interested in joining us and our times work for you please check out the post below for more details.