12/12H DH LF Guild

Looking for a guild to call home with friendly, mature players.

Im 12/12 Heroic Raider and 1/12M raider

im looking for a guild that not only raids but enjoys wpvp and acheivement hunting, glory raids and mount farming

i would prefer horde guild that EST time zone but i would be open to faction change

my bnet is rezzy#11858


Hey man, I’ve sent you a bnet request. Would love to chat with you!

Bruma Aeterna | Kil’jaeden
[ Eternal Winter ]

Active heroic/M+ guild looking for core DPS for progression in Ny’alotha/SL.
Fri/Sat 10pm EST . Optional alt runs Thurs, same time.

High AOTC % roster, pref but not required. Ilvl 455+ minimum.

LF semi-hardcore players, with core spots open pending a short trial period . Considering all serious applicants, no class preferences but only looking for DPS right now.

Discord Required

Those interested can reach us at the following btags, or below:

Nethrasz#1237 [ GM ]
Talonnd#1465 [ Officer ]
Kaplonk#1338 [ Officer ]

Hey Rezzyy! We’re looking for a DH to join our raiding roster pushing into Mythic. Thur & Mon 8-11pm EST raid times, active discord and M+ groups, just formed in Feb with a lot of experienced players. Guild name Accidently Pro [H] on Area-52.

If this may be of interest to you, please add me on bnet Guts#1679 so we can chat. I sent your bnet a friend request.

Lok’tar, Rezzyy!

Cinder and Ash - Mal’g Horde raids Fri/Sat 7-10 central. We’re currently 3/12M with work on Hivemind.

We have tons of achievement-(wow censored me here) (I’m currently winning!) that love going back into old content for achievements, mounts, mog, etc. We’re not as strong on pvp, especially world pvp, but we’ve been having fun in arenas leveling our conflict and strife.

I added you on bnet!

Hey there Rezzy! [H] Returning mythic weekend guild lfm

Hey Rezzyy!

Morning Brew is a horde guild on Illidan that offers a unique morning time slot for those interested. If you would like to chat feel free to reach out!

Bnet: Cen#11694
Discord: Cen#5348

[H] Morning Brew 5/12M 12/12H

Raid Times: 9am-12pm EST | >Wed/Thurs/Friday
Optional Monday Alt run 9am-12pm EST

Recruitment Needs
Ranged – Warlock , Mage, SPriest
Melee – Rogue
Healer – Holy Pally , Disc Priest , Holy >Priest, Resto Sham, MW Monk