1.14.4 Patch With ZERO Communication

The Classic Era PTR has been up for WEEKS without issue. We have been testing and fine-tuning our UI and addons… and then today, with no notice and zero communication, you drop a patch that breaks most addons and redoes a lot of UI elements LESS THAN 2 DAYS before server launch.

Seriously, what are you thinking? Is this supposed to be part of the “hardcore” challenge?


Theres about 2 Devs on the classic team and at least one approved this patch so we are at least 50% screwed.


This is probably like the one thing that I worry myself over. I took the time to pre-download addons for Classic, with no intention of doing anything with them until server launch, obviously because we have no folder yet to put them in.
I guess, I won’t worry myself for at least the first 10 levels since we can’t talent until then, but I do hope my Dominos addon works from the get go.

Thank you!

With all the people on these forums & the r/classicwow subreddit toxically arguing with one another about the #NoChanges philosophy, this is one of my biggest issues with this patch (aside from the actual bugs/issues themselves).

What was the point of even having a PTR & patch notes if they were just going to make stealth changes when they actually pushed the patch??

Keep in mind, according to Blizzard’s own patch notes, this is EVERYTHING that was supposed to come to Classic Era with this patch:

  • Classic Era PvP Ranking Update
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that allowed certain raid buff items from the Season of Mastery version of Naxxramas to be used in Classic Era realms.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause players to disconnect from the game when pressing the space bar to swim upwards while underwater.
    • Fixed various issues with Vanish and Feign Death that could be used to flag nearby players for PvP.
    • Fixed various issues that could cause enemy creatures to fall through the world when pathing through water.
    • Fixed an issue with the Summon Incubus ability costing less mana than Summon Succubus.

The UI elements are exactly the same on the PTR. And no notice? Clearly trolling.

Your folder for the addons should already be there ready to go under classic era > interface > addons or some combination of that. Pretty sure HC servers are under the classic era umbrella.

I’m talking about the under-the-hood UI elements like the API and various min/maxwidthdefault and GetMinResize calls that are breaking loads of addons–many of which were previously abandoned and had to be patched back together slowly over time to work on Era servers… I’m not talking about what the GUI menu looks like now. I spent the last 4 hours fixing Prat, and cannot find a working fix for Eavesdrop yet after trying multiple coding changes just now.

These under-the-hood changes were not on the Classic Era PTR. I finished my UI on the PTR so I would be ready to go on Thursday. Absent other people picking up dead addons again and posting them to git, I will not be able to fix all of the addons before Thursday’s launch.

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Are you trying to say that, If i load up Prat on the PTR, which has the same build number, and Prat on live, that it won’t work on live but will work on PTR? Cause I’ve got doubts.

As of TODAY they have the same build number (where everything is broken on both), the Classic Era PTR that has been up for weeks was not this build with these UI element changes (the last build before today was 50753). That’s the whole damn point of this post. You’re clearly trolling.


Prat works identically on both PTR and Live.