11/13/22 Not seen any Pet Dailies

I have not seen pet dailies in Shadowlands for two days…anyone know whats up?

I have seen some addons disable them for me on certain characters and then block the standard interface options to re-enable them. I would disable your addons, go into the drop down options on the map and reselect to show pet battles. I think deselecting rivals on one (maybe the pettracker) may have contributed to the issue for me.

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First thing I’d check is your main map options that Marwenna mentioned


I accidentally turned off Pet Battles several months ago and it took me 2 days to catch on.

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It is definitely possible for a particular pet battle WQ to be unavailable for a leveling character - I ran into that several times leveling all my guys with Threads of Fate. I assume it has to do with not having “opened” a subzone with the required questing, such as the ones in western Revendreth. But it seems like the odds would be against that happening in all 4 zones on multiple days.

Thank you it was the map setting you guys mentioned!!

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