11/12M Raid Healer (Shaman atm) LF SL Home!

Hi, there I am known as Hobbs ingame. I have played multiple classes in the end game raiding scene, at all levels. Broke into Mythic finally in ABT as a feral druid, and transitioned to healing in BFA!!

I had to stop raiding due to work conflict, and would like to find something that works with my schedule. I am looking for either super late night week day “1 a.m. PST start” for example or a friday/satruday guild. CE minded preferred.

Here are my logs for current content as current as they can be with being out of raid for 3 months, well blizz won’t let me plot the link to the logs, so you can search it “Totemichobbs-Zul’jin” on Logs

please contact me either bnet or discord