1/10M 10/10H DK xfering to Lightbringer

Just feeling out the raiding scene on LB. Xfering back due to friends on server, and LB alliance was the first server I ever played on back in 2009. I remember the glory days with guilds like Eternal Reign and Tupan Techno actually making Lightbringer look half respectable when it came to raiding. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I think it could happen again.

I’ve raided all xpac as blood while raid leading. Currently venthyr. Interested in swapping to necro and going unholy. I have top parses for healing as blood, unfortunately no logs for dps yet. More than happy to run with alt/pug groups to get some.

SoD Logs
warcraftlogs. com/
character/us/ tichondrius/scræm#difficulty=4&metric=hps

Video of heroic sylv kill
twitch. tv/videos/ 1107623592

Hit me up if you have a group that wants CE, and is in need of a raider that will show up and do his job every night.

bnet: Scrambles#1369
disc: Scrambles#1730

sorry, I had to break the links to post, should be able to copy/paste into a browser though

The only guild I see actively recruiting in Trade chat is DoJ that even mentions stepping into mythic.

Hey! I’m an officer from A New Beginning on Lightbringer. We are currently recruiting though still working through H SoD. We are 10/10N and 3/10H. We also run keys, PvP and old raids. You can whisper me in game or add me on bnet jennabanana#1160 :slight_smile:

Beyond is recruiting DPS, we’re the same progression as you.