10.2 Priest Patch Notes + Tier Sets

Buckle up it’s going to be a wild ride.

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Shadow gutted. RIP.


I am so fed up and desensitized to the disservice that Shadow constantly receives, that all I can say is



My initial thoughts:

Priest utility just got absolutely crapped on with nothing to compensate for it. Encounter design matters more than anything.

I posted here: Feedback: Priests - #15 by Caithyra-bleeding-hollow

On the tier set bonus: It looks really strong for M+ and encourages an Empowered Renew playstyle for raid. I can already hear the Priests who hate Renew about to scream their lungs out.


They simplified the dps rotation A LOT (thank you).

It works like this now.

Mind Blast is on a 24s cd and it triggers Power of the Dark Side (50% buffed next Penance cast). You also get a +10% dps buff for 9s after using Mind Blast. Mind Blast is the new button you press when you need quick burst atonement healing.

Shadow Covenant gives you a 25% dps buff for 23s when you use Mind Bender/Shadowfiend so the no brainer talent choice is going to be Void Summoner. Mind Bender is going to be our burst healing ability.

TE is kind of pointless now because Mind Blast has a 24s cooldown.

In-between that you literally just have Smite and Penance. There’s no weaving of spells. 90% of your rotation is just going to be mashing Smite and Penance. A much simpler spec to play now.

They also gave Disc an actual raid healing cd. Ultimate Penitence is just cracked.

For the tier set bonus I have no clue how the 2-piece works. Is that for all atonements? I don’t understand the power of the 4-piece either.

And lastly: there’s no instant cast radiance talent.

Overall Disc is looking to be far better than Holy come next patch.


Everyone feels like this smite/penance will be fun to play. It feels completely gutted to me. I finally enjoyed the spec and now its going back to a simple type play. I enjoyed the weaving between shadow/light and now half the talents don’t even make sense. I know this is day one but this looks very concerning at this moment. They will need to redesign a lot more of the tree I believe.


There’s a lot of talents that are going to be tweaked for sure.

Disc is just looking like to be a power house for M+ though. You can take Ultimate Pentience with Void Summoner and get a very spot healing heavy build.

Holy just looks terrible in comparison unless our tier set bonus procs non-stop giving us 2x the amount of Holy Words.


I am so glad i recently decided to main monk instead of priest.
It was a hard choice at the time but now…

The disc i loved and mained for 5 years is gone.
And i dont know what the heck is going on with shadow in this update but no, god no. No no no.

Why are they doing this?


Is there any consideration to giving Holy or Discipline a kick? During Dragonflight beta, the development team expressed that Priest utility was in a good spot without kick. With the 9.2 changes, significant portions of that utility are being nerfed down.


I hear ya buddy. It took me years to get over what they did to shied spam disc. It finally got interesting and I kept hearing people in community talking about how they want to simplify it. They went way to far. They need to leave mind blast alone. I mean how does TE/expiration even work now. If this is what were getting id rather they just make us support. I think once people get over the Initial wow factor of the cooldown were getting. They will realize the spec is a shell of itself


Disc changes:

Mixed feelings.

Ultimate Penitence is something the spec very much needed. A+ on that. Light’s wrath was super cool, but it just didn’t fit with how Disc played nowadays and the talent support for it was abysmal which just made penance better than it.

Harsh Discipline change is flat out bad. IDK why they want to return to that design, nothing they said justifies it. Even people who didn’t like the setup that I know, not a single one wanted it to return to RNG.

Scov change mandates the mindbender side which feels bad.

TE is useless unless you don’t take Purge the Wicked which… why would you not?

Light side got a lot cooler, but the rotation seems like it might be pretty boring now, and there’s absolutely nothing to address our damage being kinda terrible.

At the very least, they reduced the giant amount of points we were obligated to spend in the final tier, so that’s a big win.

Will need to test how some of this works. IE: If penance activates inescapable torment, what happens with Ultimate Penitence with a bender out? Does it just go wild? Etc.

Edit: Oh, and atonement boost by 50% in dungeons is GREAT.

Holy priest tier set is stonks for the renew spam style in raid. It’s gonna be pretty good.

Mass dispel and PI nerfs should have come with Silence moving to the general tree IMO.


I agree… or even Shining Force.


Great point. It would be nice to receive some compensation.


From a mediocre M+ perspective

Ok so heal is just a dead spell or what? I’m fine with it but nerf flash heal mana cost by 60% or something.

Random change but whatever

On a good day this hits 3/4 people in M+ so whatever

I mean I never really used these spells for healing, but damage, so ok? Random change. But I won’t mind if they aren’t used anymore I want a button back.

More feedback:

If you want to buff healing, fine, but a better way to do it would be to just nerf incoming damage. Also, prayer of healing costs too much mana and is too weak, it should be stronger on its own to give holy priests an option for decent spammable + reliable aoe healing. Sanctify should spread like Disc’s Luminous Barrier so it is more convenient to use in M+.


reposting here.

Does flash heal get increased for shadow spec too or only disc and holy?

Cuze if no, then it’s nerfed hard in pvp since they removed the pvp buff…

i am a bit confused.

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  • Symbol of Hope recovers 40 seconds of cooldown for a major defensive ability (was 60 seconds). *

is a huge hit to holy priests in raiding.

i dont think with all the changes renew is worth spamming youll just get the passive from your holy words. which feels bad cuz sanctify hits one less player

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ultimate penitence looks cool, and i am excited to try it. so it pains me to say some of the other changes are much less exciting. it makes me wonder how these changes are being decided on.

for example, i think schism should have been combined with shadow covenant. not mind blast. now that mind blast is on such a long cd, we have to alternate the new shadow cov mindbender shadow spells with smite. so its just smite, penance, smite, divine star, smite… nothing.

i think almost everyone would prefer to keep mind blast how it is, with 2 charges. i think the 2nd charge to mind blast was one of the most positive changes the spec has received all dragonflight. so twilight equilibrium gameplay is looking to be much more constricted now, which seems like a huge step backward.

if any spell were to be deleted, i’d say most people would have nominated mindbender instead. it has become more powerful recently since they added essence devourer, but i still don’t know who enjoys that side of teh tree gameplay style. and personally, if you’re going to give me a pet, i want a permanent one who can hold some aggro. but this temporary pet is not exciting, its not even very visible on the field, i think everyone would have cheered if mindbender was deleted, and instead you put a powerful 2-in-1 schism+shadow covenant button down there instead. but otherwise yeah, excited for ult penitence.

not a fan of: sw: death backlash damage changes. tithe evasion changes. power infusion changes (obviously). schism deletion. schism damage amp nerfed (again). divine star rand halo nerfs : (. the pitiful mind blast buff even though its on a hugely longer cd, seems way out of whack. harsh discipline changes (booo, hisss). symbol of hope nerf (just…why?).

stuff i like is the new tier sets, ultimate penitence and its sub-talents. those look interesting, but as happy as i was, once i write it all down, it looks like the negatives far outweigh the positives. sorry about that, i definitely wanted to be happy though. still looking forward to the patch, mostly

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It feels like Blizzard is deliberately nerfing Sanctify and Salvation to balance us around the new tier set bonus.

We’ll need to test this out on the PTR, but if assuming you get 2-3 procs a minute then that should make up the extra Holy Words for a faster Salvation reset. Also need to test how the Renew interacts with other talents.

It encourages an Empowered Renew build for raid which I already play. For M+ I have no clue how it’s going to work because I’m not rolling Renews on the entire group 24/7 unless there’s a RoT aura. The dungeons on the M+ pool aren’t rot aura heavy either.

It all comes down to the proc rate.


Idk man. What did we do to the devs i dont understand.
Mind soothe destroyed, mass dispell destroyed, PI destroyed …all utility gutted, still no kick or relevant cc…absolutely nothing in return. No damage nerfs reverted even though we lose tier set. Surge of ins nerf.

Like how the f you should be hyped about the patch…they are still trying to nerf exodia comp by gutting shadow even in new patch where nobody know if it will be good or not.
Just absolutely gut the mass dispell and look for more places where they will apply magic debuffs to ppl. Lovely.


The initial first impression is not looking good at all for sure. I don’t know any healers in or out of my guild who are even excited with the healing changes to begin with. There’s going to be many more changes coming over the last couple of weeks so we just have to see what comes next.

I went on the PTR and tested the Holy Priest set bonus.

  • The 2-piece Serenity / Sanctify Renew is treated like a regular Renew and can stack on-top of Renew over the usual 20s limit. I had a 60s Renew rolling on myself at one point.
  • Casting Renew on yourself if its over 20s duration won’t extend it. Also, if you trigger the 14s Serenity duration and cast Renew it’ll go to 20s. So it’s better to use it on targets that already has Renew because you can get an instant 24s+ duration.
  • The 4-piece free Serenity / Sanctify only works if those Holy Words aren’t on cooldown. It doesn’t instantly reset those abilities. Also the buff lasts until you die.
  • The 4-piece proc rate seems pretty high if you’re rolling Renews. I got it to trigger 4 times in a minute. That’s very likely the reason why they made it harder to reset Holy Word Salvation.

Overall my thoughts on the 4-piece is that if you play around its strengths you’re going to generate Holy Words like candy.

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idk how many reworks priests are going to get overall, feels endless.

But i darn wish they just fix everything as a whole at once with deep well thought out changes that have received loads of time investment, then this bit by bit rushed out changes that makes no senses at times.