10.2 new class talents updates DH

Seeing what’s being talked in the DH discord with the dev there, I have nearly 0 hope to see what I believe the spec needs changed being actually fixed.

But well, lets keep hoping.


Where do they even utter the words DH in this video?

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It’s in the roadmap, not in the video.

Seeing the convos with the dev in felhammer, i have nothing but hopium for the spec this patch cycle and i hope people here will be pleasantly surprised and leave well thought out feedback of whats to come

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Agreed. The dev is the absolute worst. I wish he’d just quit or retire or whatever.


why is he the worst?

Our talents are hideous. Netherwalk and Fel Eruption can only be taken at the expense of dps, sigil of misery has a 20% dps boost associated with it, chaos nova has a cost associated with it (no other AoE stun does) and requires 2 talents to fully max out, initiative, unbound chaos, and momentum still exist and haven’t been deleted or radically reworked yet, serrated glaive is yet another maintenance buff (although admittedly less toxic than momentum), demonic went from being loaded burst windows to frost dk levels of toxicity with very little impact, and AMN is essentially worthless.

That’s only havoc. Vengeance is a whole other mess but Sigil of Chains, for example, is impossible to take. Furthermore, the entire spec is only good because of our 4piece at the moment. Being propped up by borrowed power isn’t fun stop doing it.


all of this is literally being addressed in 10.2 given the discussions and communications. also btw demonic was always “not burst” this isnt a new df thing

sigil of chains, even if it was located in the class tree top section, it wouldnt be taken. because it sucks, idk why you people have such a obsession with sigil of chains. even when it was the most accessable things with talent rows, it was never taken because there was nothing in SL season that needed sigil of chains. i am aware vdh has issues, but sigil of chains accessability isnt one of them

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Most of what I said was based on the fact that Fodder is staying as per that dev, even if it’s widely disliked by pretty much every single DH.

No matter what he does to Fodder, it’ll keep being an annoying RNG CD that is disliked both in how the gameplay is delivered and what it envoils.

The fact that he can’t say “Yeah, ok, this is not liked, the skill is also bugged and it doesn’t match well with Havoc” even with this overwhelming feedback, just makes me thing that feedback is just worth nothing at this point.

Same with Initiative, instead of flat accepting the fact that “the texture” just doesn’t make any sense from a gameplay perspective, he just said that he would like to remove the fact that environmental DoTs can be attributed to the boss and prevent it from proccing.

So yeah, I can’t look at 10.2 with a lot of hope.


am I the only one that thinks HDH is one of the most fun specs in the game shrugs


no, it has issues tho, that cant be ignored mostly maintenance buff uptime

What’s being said

Yeah, I’m not coming back until Fodder gets removed or a better alternative gets put in. Like Fodder is the most clunkiest sh*t in the game. No idea who thought it was a good idea.

    Developer’s note: Updates for Demon Hunter talents are in progress but were not ready for testing just yet. Goals for the updates include: improving pathing and connections in the Class tree; addressing underused talents; increasing access to key Havoc utility that currently clashes with DPS; updating existing talents to improve resultant gameplay; improving Vengeance’s Sigil-related talents as a possible build identity or to be incorporated into other builds more successfully; and adding a couple new talents that help achieve those goals.
    We expect Demon Hunter talent changes to roll in over the course of the next few PTR updates. Check back soon!

Fingers crossed

DH changes

this patch momentum, this patch eyebeam, this patch momentum, this patch eyebeam


I’ve always liked and enjoyed momentum.

If you think Sigil of Chains sucks then you have never done any relevant content. It’s massively good for its utility, not just in terms of interrupting casts and repositioning mobs, but also making some unviable pulls viable.


be nice to have access to sigil of chains

Ya man, because in SL it was never used for raging mobs, getting mobs out of sanguine, grouping for mass aoe pulls with lust, or chain ccing mobs.

I sure wouldn’t want to have to sigil of chains in Brackenhide Hollow to keep mobs close when they try to off into more mobs, but hey I wouldn’t know anything about that, because chains is useless and sucks /eyeroll