10.2 is the pinnacle of Blizzard not understanding the player base?

After reading the forums for most classes regarding 10.2; I had a few thoughts and wonder what others think. Yes, this a trip down memory lane for a primary resto shaman, but it is still relevant to so many who are frustrated by the lack of Blizzards understanding of how nerfs and significant class changes kill the desire to play.

Blizzard has very low commitment to classes and why we play them. We still have many, many players who have played for over 10 years. We picked our class based on what we saw walking around and experiencing the world. Resto Shamans were known for being able to use a single CD to put all four totems down, healing rain, chain heal. We have switched from no elemental, to fire and then to earth elemental over the years. However, Rocky for years was just what Resto’s had when the tank went down and you had .05% left to go and you could occasionally still get the boss down. So much fun. Now in 10.2 we go back to no chain heal and using primordial wave, the least favorite covenant power. The reason we loved chain harvest -it was a chain heal that healed and did damage at the same time. The reason we loved vesper totem? Because it was a totem we could put down since blizzard has been killing useful totems since BFA. Now we can’t really take Rocky cause the talent trees are too tight. I think blizzards view every expansion as a reset and every player is new. You just love the new evoker class that takes away one of the three DPS dungeon slot that were already to hard to get.

I feel this is the same for Holy Paladins. You picked the class when you heard this healer got to go in melee and wack the living hell out of stuff. You had your insta-cast heals that just kept the rhythm going. So in 10.2 HP are supposed to stop and hard cast? If I wanted to do that I would have picked a priest.

This was also done in the past to frost mages who lost water elemental to lonely winter. Yes you could play without lonely winter, but no one wants to go into a raid dungeon knowing you’re not doing your best. Frost mages have been about freezing everyone in place, getting that occasional elite iced block all the while your trusty water elemental firing away.

I think this is same for many classes, maybe not all, but I sure don’t see many Warlock’s walking around with big blue anymore.

Blizzard doesn’t understand that negatives are never a win. There are so many nerfs when they are not necessary. Nerfs leave everyone mad and feeling like it’s never going to get better. For resto shaman we complained about not having strong enough heals to save peeps when things got tough, and our lack luster total HPS. So 10.2 answer is to force Primordial wave build. You have three lines of buffs: increase healing wave healing surge,30%, etc. Then five lines of nerfs! You could have just said we are increasing healing wave and healing surge by 15% and then walked away . IMHO, the response would have been better received:. 'it’s not perfect but at least we are not getting nerfed". The last nerf to Holy Pally, when they were just getting to have fun in dungeons, was just awful. Cleary, there is an issue of healers not wanting to heal. So all other healers should have been buffed.

The class sets are not well thought out. Go through the forums and see what people are saying and experiencing in PTR. How many winners vs losers? Just feels like blizzard builds expansions by reviewing spreadsheets , top streamers, and dollar signs. Does blizzard even have a group of players for each class/spec to get feedback? Doesn’t feel like it.

Oh well, my times up. Of course I love the game, and there is no substitute. But it could be oh so much better…


I support any complaint that involves the removal of totems from shamans. :dracthyr_love_animated:


Wait what? Do you have a source for this?

I’ve already read the patch notes. I don’t see what you’re referring to? Guardians of the Dream PTR Development Notes

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“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the playerbase wants and why it is here, they will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”


Just watch one of the new interviews by Blizz and you’ll see why Morgan Day, Ion H, and the rest of the goon squad are disconnected from the game lol

Not to mention the one person who should not be leading world content , is leading world content design. :man_facepalming:


The devs either don’t play WoW or are catering to try-hards.


Linky? Please?

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Go google any of the several interviews in the recent past :person_shrugging:

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I think they play in a fishbowl. Completely separate and disconnected on test servers.

Imagine a whole private server to yourself. Hardly any lag. They cannot replicate the hordes of players rushing into the newest content nor do we have advanced knowledge of the inner workings.

It would be like a DND game master playing his own game and 2 imaginary friends.

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They have their own servers but they, now at least, are made up of mostly VERY casual pet battlers and collectors. A bunch I saw somewhere don’t even play the game lol.

Sad part is, some gaming companies have Devs who just don’t play the game, simply develop what they are to develop and that is it.


Counter theory: the complainers are the ones out of touch with the player base.


Like widget makers.

I can see that. One builds a wall. Another a road. Another draws the path for the AI to walk the road and around the wall.

When I made missions in UT. I did everything. All the assets from lights to pathing to placement of units. And I ran the missions with strangers all day and night listening to feedback.

Some knew me as the creator, but too often I went incognito and first hand saw people avoid or actively tell me they hated the map. And vote the next one. It would make me terribly upset. Hundreds of hours.

If the missions weren’t the most CoD Shipment/Nuketown or BF2 Karkand…it was “confusing” or boring.

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With Blizz it is more ‘‘I got this idea that I am excited about’’ and the lead goes ‘‘go do it’’.

So these little quests here or there, or ideas here and there are just that.

No quality oversight.


There were missions in UT? I remember doing a few in UT3 for the main campaign but that was it.

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theyre just buffing holy light and i think flash. but nobody is going to use those in a key, so who cares



Another complaint that assumes stuff on PTR is set in stone and won’t change before release. If you have a concrete complaint, go make it on the PTR forum, not here.

If you wanna complain about how your own spec functions go for it, but water ele is a big nothingburger. It gave one extra keybind, a freeze, and did nothing else to change gameplay. It didn’t tank, it just did passive damage. I far prefer playing without some idiot AI pet following me around, stomping through packs thay we skipped. I guess what this post boils down to is stay in your lane, talk about what’s relevant to you, and leave the rest of us out of it.

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It was quite robust. Granted I wasn’t making a Warcraft quest, but I know how much time and effort goes into it.

It only makes sense that many people come together to form a whole. Especially this magnitude

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I love it.