10.2 Feedback: Warrior (PTR)

Execute is fun to hit. Rend will proc sudden death. And tactian is a mechanic I’d happily see removed from arms.

Tactian works like this:

Did I get a proc?

Yes. I can continue my rotation.

No. I have to find some way to spend rage no matter how weak the spell to hope to get an overpower proc.

Imo, shorten the cooldown on mortal strike so we’re not capping rage all the time and remove the CD on overpower.

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They should turn SuddenDeath’s Proc into an auto cast shot or off Global CD. Even with Fury with the new set it is difficult to find a window of time to use Execute.

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off gcd execute sounds absolutely horrid for pvp balance

Hm, tested the set on ptr. Arms executes doesnt seem to proc significantly more even if youre pounding 4 dummies in boralus.

Do you guys think losing ucrrent set and getting new one will kinda move us back to bladestorm spec in m+? I dont realy enjoy skullsplitter…but its just better atm.

Also latest changes to ignore pain…oof. Liked that more than sending random whirlwinds on st just to dump rage.

In its current state, tactician feels pretty good and reliable. A 40 rage move (execute, t clap, whirlwind, ignore pain) guarantees a reset. Crit and haste levels can be stacked to very high levels already in this tier that rage generation is absurdly good. What can feel awkward is using T clap/WW is a better move choice over slam/rend in single target. MS damage overshadows everything else in the move pool that damage from slam, WW, etc may as well not exist.

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SD proc not execute

Remove Ip from Am, tactician and Tom is a good nerf, GG.

hmm i wonder what ability sudden death allows the use of.

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I actually like this change and the skullsplitter change. Hopefully it comes with some tuning to make up for the loss for IP for anger management.

Tbh i do realy hope they wont start buffing slam to the moon…im perfectly fine with that button not even binded.

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While I agree I want a better ST option than being forced to press WW. Like make rend hit harder initially

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Yeah we don’t need more buttons despite the fact we have no spammable single target rage filler.

Imo, heroic strike off the gcd and delete slam.

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The removal of Ignore pain as an offensive tool is actually making me consider progging with arms instead of Fury next tier, what a great change.

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Only thing making me consider prog on arms is the new leggo.
Well and the fact that they keep butchering my main spec (sp) and its getting old realy quick.

I feel the inverse. It’s a big gutting to its survival versus Fury, as well as removing a rage dump that they need to replace for AM/ToM/Tactician purposes. We already have Sudden Death being a double edge in that regard.

Until this change, I was dead set on doing Arms, but now I’m probably running Fury next patch. Again. We’ll see if Blizzard fixes this, since it seems like we’re drifting towards a worse version of Shadowlands Arms.

It doesn’t really change its defensive nature at all except you now have to sacrifice offensive power to press it instead of getting it for free.

The change for the bleed is also nice imo, but I do agree arms rage economy is messed up currently.

Ignore pain was not a proper fix to it tho, defensive should not be used offensively.


Worst case we actually have to press Defensive Stance and utilize that.

I’m not saying it’s a bad change, per se, but as Tinderbeef pointed out our rage economy is screwy. They didn’t announce any other changes related to this so far, so I’m just miffed that this didn’t come with even any acknowledgement of what it means to remove that from 2-3 core functions in the spec as it stands.

Hopefully they’ll announce something in the interim for it.