10.2 Destro

Destro locks what are your thoughts on losing Madness of Azj’qir?

I would be ok with it if they increased the dmg of chaos bolt a little more in PVP. but otherwise, feel like there won’t be enough pressure if we cant cast the second chaos bolt quickly right after the first.

this is defo a massive buff.

Destro gonna be more funsies, already doing 220k cbolts on an alt lock

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nerf to double bolt in coil buff outside of it

Why tf does blizzard think warlocks need more cbolt damage? Like ong fr do they seriously lack the capacity to see how brutal they are right now?


They’re removing a talent that makes it easy to fire off 2 chaos bolts back to back. Buff is warranted.

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Can Cbolt 1 shot anti magic shell ?

Not in a PvP setting. In the open world with raid buffs, maybe….maybe you’re thinking of rising sun kick.

Plus with solo BG’s around the corner we’ll have destro locks free casting bolts

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Yes they can

No, you can hit for that and more in rated pvp. My lock has 50% mastery and change a talent around. It averages about 160k iirc. You can stack a little more mastery but then you go under 20% haste and it feels like poop

Then I agree, Demon hunters need a nerf

Madness is 25% dmg and 25% haste, all they are doing is baking the dmg into chaos bolt and removing the haste. Sure every first bolt is buffed by 30% now. But as the poster below rightly said, it would become so much harder to get the second chaos bolt off within coil/shadowfury window.

Therein lies the problem. Chain casting chaos bolts for any relevant pressure is harder.

they buffed shadowburn by 10% and the first chaos bolt u do in the coil and every single one in the entire game is buffed by 30%.

coil cb into 2 shadowburns is probably going to be the same damage as 2 cbs now.

You dont even need to get bolts off to kill people anyways this change is a big buff

Bolts Have been good damage the last few months but I often find myself getting as much out of my instants overall even if CBs are where the kill pressure hits its high… which now will be a more consistent high.

For no reason at all I’m hitting some 200k bolts and they have a chance to hit someone else for 150k :joy:

Just swapped to destro for bgs to mess around and it’s pretty crazy.

160k on a well geared lock, yes. 220k, no. It was buffed recently. It would normally hit for a bit above 100k. Destro is in a fine spot. It doenst’ need anymore dmg and survival is fine. It can do a ton of dmg if it’s left alone to cast and it gets cut down severely if it’s focused. That’s how it should be.

The change to fast CB is concerning. Getting separation, setting up 2 CBs with madness on the back end is the closing power the spec needs. That being said, it would likely be too much with the new 2/4 piece set bonus next season.

no, no NO. i struggle as it is.

the power of tier is halved, i dont think it will do anything impactful to run 4 tier just like this season.

Have they said if that will decrease the proc rate of portals from the 2pc? Even if the 4pc fire portal is halved it might be impactful enough to use. I honestly do know. I havent’ seen anyone testing it but given that you don’t have to do pve to get tier it might be more impactful in PvP than we think.