10.2 Demonology

Been saying this since prepatch



Logic is not welcome here

Also they’d probably just replace it with a +5% shadowbolt damage node, so…


Yeah the 10.2 changes are basically the worst possible scenario in terms of design choices they could have made.

It’s almost impressive they could be this terrible, in both rotation feel, and damage profile, ontop of an aoe tier set thats going to be basically useless in raid lmao.


That’s what I was looking at as well.

How is it some of the specs in the notes got stuff baseline because it made no sense to keep it in the talent tree and just go and remove core procs so they have to have the constant question of demon bolt being in the talent tree.

Adding to this the dev team is forcing our hands by removing talents. They removed blood bound imps and just made the worst changes to our cds.

And now we know they definitely want us casting more shadow bolts. If this is the mentality behind that group for our spec, think I’m all set with the patch.

What’s next force us to use doom lmao.

Too late looks like their rumors about a tier surrounding doom. Hope this is just hear say.

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Where are yall seeing the proposed ptch notes for 10.2 locks?

idk what there thinkin.
if they want us to stop having a imp army, replace the imps with something cooler.
pitlords dead now since the extension isnt coming into play.
tyrant is never going to be the same now.


Demonolgy cant have meta, and now demonolgy cant summon a demonic legion…


So it is very clear that they can make damage and cc become altered between PvP and PvE. Why then do they do this type of nonsense? Imagine having 2 years between xpacs and still not being able to balance classes? If they cannot admit this and or regulate this, then I suggest they stop introducing more classes. As a public company their finances are transparent. That said, with their quarterlies being what they are, why not invest into either additional talent or better recruitng? The Warlock class is clearly a final thought and a “We will just throw it together at the last minute” action item.

There is more than enough feedback here. Why not have a class Q&A with the customers? That is literally what a great executor does? Without saying things like “Bc they know most will keep playing anyway” which is false. The numbers prove this.

Why not simply send out a Q&A form to those who have been playing more than 5 or 10 or whatever length of time? These are your loyal and best buyers. Collect this and pick x out of Y. Heres what the customers are saying and they want. Of course there will be unhappy people from this. But scanning the forums it is full of those who are making decent sugegstions that help not just their own favored class these folsk play but the game itself.

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Well, I think the clip from the OP says it all. It’s always in the back of my mind when Warlock changes baffle us all. Honestly, it seems like the statement modernized would be “We’d rather you didn’t play Warlock.”

Wish the main content creators were more aggressive in demanding changes, they are almost all always ready to say “well it’s not that bad” or “they’ll fix it in time.” And then it’s that bad and nothing gets fixed within an acceptable span.

Always crazy to see the half-designed changes warlock gets while other classes (Spriest, Paladin, Evoker, Rogue in 10.2, Warrior, etc.) get revamps that aren’t just pushing numbers around and have serious time put in to their redesigns.

(Note: Ion has yet to elaborate on why Warlocks are treated like this…since like Cata days…lol. I’m just waiting for more of our class abilities to be a stolen by a new DH spec.)


Mostly because there’s always some foolishness propping up at least one Warlock spec and making them seem good/OP. Right now that’s Power Infusion making Warlock look fine when it’s middle at best. It was really funny to see Demonology drop off hard during that one week where Fire Mage was a better PI target (then it got nerfed).

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They need to keep on Blizzards good side so they keep getting free stuff, invited to special events, invited to cast events etc etc

Last thing they want is to be blacklisted, so they give away some of their integrity to keep it coming.


I love Kalamazi, great warlock, great source of warlock information, but this right here is what I don’t like about him. Yeah, sure, sometimes you just gotta have that healthy “It is what it is” attitude and accept that you can’t get what you want all the time… but he does that with every bad change. Just once I’d like to see him actually take a stand against a bad change and say it like it is, rather than just go “yeah this is a bad change but we’ll cope”. Sure, it’s lilely nothing will change anyway, but it’d just really be nice to see him just not sit back and let blizzard have their way for once


I’m so happy that I stopped paying for this game. That was the worst answer I have ever heard. I’m shocked that he gave such a bold and shameless answer. This game has declined big time. This shows absolutely no respect for the players.


Agreed, this video is the first WoW q & a i’ve like, ever seen. That lead designer guy left such a bad impression lol.

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What’s funny about this clip in context is that he talks about how players who “want to play destro or affliction” are forced into demo. Then they proceed to have balance so bad for Legion that 99% of Warlocks are Affliction for 3 straight tiers.

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I’ve said the same thing and people just get mad at me when I say it lol Dx

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Couldnt agree more

Demo now is FINE, I feel like I’m a true master summoner, don’t ruin demo in 10.2, keep pitlord & inner demons.


Demo isn’t actually “fine” as a there are serious peaks and troughs with our damage (we spike from high damage to tank level damage) and a good load of that high damage comes from borrowed power (Class sets and trinket).
As such, I agree there needs to be change, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why they took the random demons from Inner Demons.