10/12M Exp, LF Fri/Sat Mythic Guild for Hunter alt,

As the title states, I’m looking for a Fri/Sat Mythic raiding guild for my hunter. This is the only character I’m looking to move to a new guild. Current ilvl is 460 w/ cloak rank 8 and neck level 80 as I hit 120 just over two weeks ago. I also have a 472 ilvl Fury war that can step in until my hunter is better geared if we aren’t making a dps check on a certain boss,.

If you want to check out logs or w.e,
Hunter Slayun - Zul’jin
Main Ele Sham Slayelle - Zul’jin
War Slayeraxe - Zul’jin
Add me to talk Defiler#1910

463 ilvl w/ H Skit bow now!

Come hit us up!