10/10M Warlock LF CE Guild

Disc: Flameasious#3723 Btag: CorporalDrew#1704

I am Flame, an affliction warlock (226 ilvl, 1623 io) looking for a CE guild to push for each tier.

I am relatively new to mythic raiding, beginning in late EP as an elemental shaman where I completed 3/10M pugging. I then joined a Gruuls Gone Wild - Zul’jin in late June, pushing to 11/12M NYA also as ele with resto offspec, ending after cara due to the roster falling apart. I then main swapped to warlock and got CE with Reconstructed-Zul’jin.

I currently am pushing mythic plus mainly on my restoration/ele shaman Flameasious for the past month, and am looking to push into 20+ keys before the end of the patch. While I would like to stay main as lock, I am comfortable on the shaman and can play at a similar/ better level and willing to swap to that toon as a main.

Shaman: Flameasious (221 ilvl, 1668 io)

Check us out! My discord is Emencess#7777 feel free to reach out. (H) Area52 <Pillars> 10/10M LF Exceptional Healer
We are a newly formed guild this expansion started late into mythic and about to reach our goal of CE. Reach out or apply if interested :smiley:

hmu on discord if you interested