10/10m 228.5 Boomkin LF Guild

Unfortunately my guild (was raid leader) died a sad death on saturday… looking to see any competitive guilds looking for a boomkin.
Led 2400 RBGs within a week of hitting 60 (233 weapons since 1/01/21, had to main swap after seeing the Convoke dream). Tried my best to min/max accordingly to align myself with Top 100 requirements.
2100 IO since 3/1/21. Dont have much interest pushing keys especially as a boomkin.
Preferred Raid Times 9:00pm est-1:00am est, and flexible Saturday/Sunday. Do not mind added days for initial progression
Have raided as Rdruid/Boomkin/Fire Mage in CE guilds. Open to different role come 9.1, with most comfortability as Boomkin current tier.
Current Toons:
228 Boomkin/Rdruid
224 Ret Paladin
216 Fire Mage
Picture of UI: (Link upon request)
Picture of Speedtest (Dallas) (Link upon request)
Yakeyames#1161 (BNET) - Preferred Method of Contact
Yakeyames#4054 (DISCORD)

Hello there, already gave you our info on discord but posting this here for easy access.

I’m Syoki and I’m the recruitment officer for Good Game of Mal’Ganis Horde. We’re 10/10M (10/10H) and raid Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 9:00PM-12:00AM CST (ST). We got a slow start, about 6 weeks late to be exact, before forming here.

We, as a raid group, have been playing together since the end of Wrath and have always fully cleared progression with Cutting Edge. We made the move after the beginning of the tier to Mal’Ganis, horde, after over a decade of being Alliance (Kel’Thuzad and Stormrage).

We find the only thing that keeps us playing is those in which we’ve played with for a long time. We consider our guild a family. A large, dysfunctional, family. We are actively recruiting a few key spots on our CE team to take on Shadowlands and would love to talk to you about joining our band of miscreants. :slight_smile:

Feel free to read through the spam below and add my Real ID or Discord if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you! If not, best of luck in your guild search and in the Shadowlands!

Syoki the Insane
(BNet: Nyoki#11232, Discord: Nyoki#8886)

unforunate things happen but all we can do is just get better and self improve. I am def interested in you as a boomkin main with a resto off spec its something that fits exactly what my guild needs. would like to speak more , info is below

Still searching thanks for current interest and adds

Hey, check us out!

Reavers Had One Job is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild on US-Ysera/Durotan Alliance that is centered around fully clearing content while it is current.

We want intelligent and active players who are eager to progress through the new content as soon as it’s available. We want players who are able to be a part of the team; that involves:

  • Attending virtually all the raids
  • Having stable computers and internet connections
  • Min/maxing
  • Bringing consumables
  • Making sure you are up to date on all your classes’ developments, as well as the game’s developments and upcoming changes

Current Progression in Shadowlands:

Raid Times:
8:00PM – 11:00PM EST Tuesday and Wednesday

Ranged DPS, restoration shaman, holy paladin, and exceptional players

We’re a very active guild, even outside of raids. Guild Members constantly organizing Alt runs, Mythic+ groups, PvP/Arena, etc.

We are all friends, and we keep a respectful atmosphere when we play with each other. If you believe all of this applies to you, and you would like to be a part of our team, feel free to

If you would like to apply, please click the link below. All applications are private.


Contact Information:
Toeknife (Discord: Goldfarb#7171)

I’m a literal freak

sorry to hear about your situation, we want to offer you a home.

Bingo boongoz