10/10H Blood Dk 211 Looking For CE Guild

Hey everybody looking at my post,

I am looking for a raiding guild that is looking to get CE. I am looking for a guild that raids later in the evening and wants a hard-working tank.

I run a lot of M+ and hoping to get an M+15 mount.
I bring my own food, pots, flasks…etc. To raids. With extra potions, if people need them.
I watch the fights and like to give input after the raid or on break.
Also, I am central time and willing to transfer servers.

If you need logs or anything, please leave or message on add me on btag or discord.


Btag: JJuprising#1175

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Hey Jj I sent you a friend request on discord and bnet, feel free to check out recruiting post. I’m at work or I’d copy pasta it here. Let me know!

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Hit us up when you get online, Bad at mechanics we may have a spot for you.