10/10 Heroic Healer/Tank Looking for a Home!

Hi there!

My name is Pete, and I’m looking for a semi-casual Heroic or lite-Mythic guild that’s in need of a healer or a tank! If you’re interested, take a look at my information below; if I seem like a good fit, please feel more than welcome to reach out!

About Me
I’ve been healing and tanking in MMOs and RPGs for about 15 years, and I started playing WoW back during the release of TBC. I have Heroic and Mythic raiding experience playing every healing and tanking class in the recent few expansions. I’m very familiar with mainstream raiding concepts (such as simming/QE Live, raid preparation, addon management, etc.), and I’m always researching and looking to improve my raid performance to be as useful to the team as possible. I also have about 5 years of experience with guild/raid leadership; while I’d be happy to lend a hand with organizational tasks if asked, my time is pretty limited nowadays and I’m really just looking to be a consistent and supportive team player. I started Shadowlands leading my own guild (previously Invictas on Proudmoore-US), but unfortunately we had to disband our group after the raid team achieved AotC. I no longer had the time to run the guild and none of our other members or officers had either the desire or time to dedicate toward keeping up with guild maintenance. In real life, I work as a software engineer, and I’m also attending grad school for my Masters in IT Project Management. I have an amazing boyfriend and a 3 year old Golden Retriever. I also love to play Mythic+, and I’ve earned the past two Keystone Master season achievements. I’d additionally be very interested in a running dungeons in off-time or joining a M+ team adjacent to a raid team.

Relevant Raid Experience
I included some of my previous raid experience from BFA below to provide more detailed information on my recent raid experience:

10/10 Heroic Castle Nathria
12/12 Heroic Ny’alotha
3/8 Mythic | 8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace
3/9 Mythic | 9/9 Heroic Battle of Dazar’alor
2/8 Mythic | 8/8 Heroic Uldir

Guild/Raid Environment Needs

  • I’m looking for a light-hearted raid team that takes their time seriously and is always looking to be efficient and to improve, but is also patient with their raid members and prioritizes teamwork and positivity over negative reinforcement.
  • I’m a bisexual man with a boyfriend and I’m also passionate about equality and inclusivity, so an LGBTQ+ friendly guild that is free of all types of discrimination, harassment, and generally toxic behavior is a must. No exceptions.
  • I have a slight preference for an Alliance guild, but I’m open to realm/faction transferring if I believe the guild would be a good match.
  • My preferred Healing classes are: Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, Resto Druid
  • My preferred Tanking classes are: Vengeance DH, Guardian Druid, Protection Paladin, Blood DK
  • I am totally willing and able to play a class outside of my preferred listings if the team needs a specific comp for a great guild fit :slight_smile:

I’m primarily looking for a weekday, one or two nights a week evening raid schedule (Monday to Thursday ~ 6PM to 12AM Eastern), but I would be open to considering a raid schedule loosely outside of those days for a great fit. My availability within those days and times is generally pretty open with a few exceptions:

  • I have a weekly one hour seminar for my Masters program that typically occurs on Wednesday or Thursday starting around 8 or 9 PM Eastern (the times and days change roughly every 6 weeks). If those occurred during raid times, I wouldn’t mind joining raid late or leaving early on those days so long as that’s acceptable by the raid team/leadership.
  • I occasionally travel around the country for my job. Typically my travel lasts for about a week, and I would typically only travel about once every 1-2 months. Travel isn’t extremely often, but it does happen from time to time.

Contact Information
If I seem like I could be a good fit for your team, I would love to have a discussion to become familiar with the guild, ask questions, and elaborate on any personal information you might have questions on:

Discord: Mom#3038
BNet: Mom#11116

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post; I’m looking forward to potentially speaking with you about your guild!!

Hey there!

Disorientated might be a good fit for you. We’re AOTC focused (10/10H CN) and looking for another healer to fill out our ranks for 9.1. We raid Tues/Fri 8-11PM EST - not sure how Friday night raids jive with your schedule, but worth an ask. Outside of raid night you can usually find people running M+ or playing alts, and on the weekends we try to run an alt raid to spice things up and get different roles/spec/classes for different people.

Check out the linked post and if you’re interested in talking more reach out to one of us!

Hey Peite!

I sent a discord request, I’d love to chat with you.

Talk soon, Leth

Hi there, this is Coco from Persistent on Turalyon. I sent a discord request and would like to talk more with you.

Hello! And thanks for visiting Perfect Loot!

We are looking for DPS and Healers for our mythic raiding team!
Also looking to grow our gaming community, so all casual and game lovers are welcome!

We are 1/10M and have AOTC and looking for more raiders to fill our roster!

Raid days are Tuesday and Wednesday hours are 9PM-12PM Eastern time

Contact Gentlepalm @ Gentle#11834 or Bazhunter @ bazhunter#1268

Thank you!

Pete, you sound exactly what I’m looking for! I run an AOTC guild (Normal/Heroic) that is finishing up on Heroic Sire (9/10H otherwise). I’ve reached out over Discord and Bnet, and I’ll leave my details below, but to quickly hit your requested needs:

  • I’m actively recruiting a 3rd healer to join my team, so your Shaman or Priest would be perfect for our composition. It would ultimately be your preference for class, but I’m running a smaller, more intimate group of about 10-14 players max.

  • As a group of WoW Raiding Veterans ourselves, we get that “life happens” and we do our best to work around it, so your Masters Program and work travel won’t be an issue. I’d just request you give me a quick heads up when those times come around. We actually have a member working on a similar school/work situation, so you’ll be in good company!

  • I run a pretty light-hearted, laid-back raid with members that want to have fun by getting the job done. We work at our own pace, talk out problems and keep pushing until we blow over the boss. My mentality is “we either kill the boss together or we wipe together” and I think we’ve done pretty well so far! We’ve been raiding every week since CN was released, minus maybe 2 raid weeks, maybe 2 half weeks. I feel like if the team is going to make the time to raid as a team, I’m going do my best to keep them raiding or give them that time back with as much forward notice as possible. We also schedule M+ runs during the week for those that are interested.

  • Toxicity/hate/elitism has no place in our group and half my team is LGBTQ+. We joke around and get super nerdy, but never in that light. Good people are good people, period. There’s enough of that hate in the world, we don’t need to add to it. (If anything, I’m going to be the getting crap from people for shouting “Hateful Gaze!” callouts during Sludgefist progression.) If you’re boyfriend played, I’d encourage bringing him!

I will be up-front, however: we are Alliance side and we do raid on Fridays/Sundays (9-12 EST and 8-11 EST (I like to get my East Coaster’s to bed early!). I typically like being able to pug potential recruits into our raids and let them see what we’re like and if we’re a good fit, but that will admittedly be difficult unless you have an Alliance side alt of some sort. Regardless, if you aren’t opposed to Alliance or our schedule, I’d love to talk more. If it sounded like a worthwhile enough venture, I could use you quite literally this week!

But best of luck in the search! There’s awesome guilds out there, I hope you land into the right one for you!

Battlenet: Chaoswhite#1873
Discord: Sin#9334

-Respec- is an AOTC-focused Raiding guild based out of Blade’s Edge - currently 10/10 N and 9/10 H. Our members are all veteran raiders with a focus on completing each raid tier on Normal and Heroic while the content is relevant. We believe in good class play and teamwork to overcome all raid challenges. We’re also a group of laid-back nerdy types that believe in having fun over toxic/elitist personalities - while getting the job done. In addition, we try to run some high M+ keys with our raiders throughout the week!

  • Current Progression: 10/10 N – 9/10 H
  • We raid on Friday and Sunday Evenings!
  • Raid Times: Fridays @ 9-12 PM EST / 8-11 PM CST / 7-10 PM MST / 6-9 PM PST -AND- Sundays @ 8-11 EST / 7-10 CST / 6-9 MST / 5-8 PST (an hour earlier than Friday)
  • Mythic+ Keys throughout the week (runs organized via Discord)

The kind of people that would enjoy and excel in our group are players who prefer smaller raid sizes with a chill atmosphere, but enjoy good play and getting that next kill towards AOTC. Our current raiders are all long-time raiders, but big on being Nerdy, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Couple Friendly, and overall just having fun. Finally, for those that like to jump into a bit of M+ action, we try to set up key runs for as many raiders as we can per week, depending on people’s schedules/availability.

NOTE: We DO NOT expect a server transfer or joining our guild if you are happy where you are! Since we only raid up to Heroic content, we actively use a cross-realm community to keep our players together!

We do, however, believe that jumping in and raiding with us is the best way to see what we’re all about. With our raid week starting on Friday, I welcome anybody interested to hit me up on Discord or Battlenet and see if we’re a collective good fit! Otherwise, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Still looking for a home! Feel free to send me a message if I am a good match :slight_smile:

Hey, hit me up. My guild is on thrall and we’re looking for main spec healers. We’re fun, laid back and enjoy gaming together. We don’t discriminate at all whatsoever and we enjoy our shenanigans. We raid Tues/Thurs from 8:15-11:30pm EST Crindor#1206 is my bnet tag

I sent you a Discord request, your story sounds a lot like most of our members and I would love to chat with you!

Hey Peite, we are Do Not Release on the Horde side of Winterhoof.

We are a AOTC and KSM focused guild, with casual Mythic progression. We aim to clear about 4+ Mythic bosses a tier, with emphasis on the casual part.

We are 3/10 Mythic and have AOTC on farm, our raid days are:

Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30pm – 11:30 pm EST.

A few things about our officers: Our GM and Raid leader Huntandprey is a former CE raider that fell in love with our group of raiders and never looked back. Our Heal lead Smallsu/Smallsy is one of the most solid healers you will be blessed to play with. Our banker Phantora is a bit on the young side but is one of the guilds top DPS and makes sure the bank is always stocked with anything a raider might need for progression or dungeons. Tal is one of our healers and DPS that is usually around to help with keys or what ever else is needed and is responsible for passing out loot in raids.

We are recruiting for active raid spots. We are looking for people who will be around and will contribute and help each other out. We have a highly active guild and discord for anyone looking to join us.

We are specifically looking for a: Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman, and any other strong DPS and Healers that would like to regularly clear Heroic and casually progress into Mythic.

You can reach our officers on discord at:


Battlenet at: