10.0.7 Prot Changes - Feedback

Id like to see our Spec Tree redesigned a bit. Look at Pro Warrior tree and go from there. We have a couple talents just forced 2/2 for reasons, but they don’t need to be 2/2. We have baseline passives that were turned into talents, so these could use some adjustments as well, maybe make Light of the Titans 1 talent point only as well.

Shield Spec is the only 2/2 on Warriors entire protection tree which allows them to take more synergistic talents. They have talents that last longer, provide better mitigation, and offer better synergy. So, maybe adjust some of Prot Paladins talents to only require 1 talent point so we can utilize things like this?

Any clarification on tooltip? What’s the issue with it? How much should it be healing for?

The devs just don’t get it. Faith in the light needs to be redesigned. In M+ prot paladins are already hitting upwards 90%+ block/dodge/parry in current talents and gear. The change might help a tiny bit in raid or tyrannical but you would be sacrificing to much for faith in the light. Even if the talent is moved up its still not good. 5 seconds is not long enough. In another patch or 2 you will be capped on block/dodge/parry or close enough even on raid bosses. Not to mention most tank busters that you would wog for are followed up with a taunt swap anyway.

I have no faith in the current developers to design a good main and spec specific tree.


This is a good point.

I like this talent but I feel like its not enough to make me want to take considering what Warrior gets for 1 talent point.

I mean, Warriors get shield block BASELINE and a 1 talent ability that grants them 2 addiotnal seconds of uptime so they can basically have 100% uptime… and you want me to spend 2 talents points for an additional 30%? So bogus.

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Some new stuffs today.

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Yesss… AS damage… now just un nerf focused enmity back to 200% damage boost on single target so i can blast things for 100k shield throw crits lol.

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Damage is always a good thing. It’ll feel nice. But they’re missing the mark and our voices remain unheard about what would make paladins great. We’re not missing much, but the previous adjustments aren’t it for sure, these damage buffs are welcome, but not it either.

The new buffs will probably amount to around 3%-4% increased overall damage. Blood DK and Prot Paladin were lacking in the damage dept for months now. I guess better late than never even though these buffs are not enough. What really needed buffs was our single target damage. Judgement probably should have been included in the buff.

The change to Faith in the Light is trash. Will probably still be a dead talent, especially if it stays where it is in the tree. The talent needs to get moved and redesigned. Faiths armor is complete garbage given where it is in the tree. It needs massive buffs or a redesign. It’s like < 1% physical damage reduction. Inner light needs a redesign if we are keeping shield of the righteous as a maintenance buff. We don’t really need more block chance anyway.

The paladin general tree needs a near complete redesign and the spec specific trees still need work. 3 talents for divine steed need to go. 1 charge of divine steed needs to be baseline. Improved BoP needs to go. Seal of mercy needs a redesign. Seal of might and Zealots Paragon have dependency issues that could catch noobs. Seal of clarity probably needs buffs. Judgement of light and golden path need to be buffed. More of our talent nodes in the general tree should focus on our utility. There once existed a glyph that made it so consecrate followed you. Either bring that back in the form of a talent or make it so we retain the damage reduction for x amount of seconds after stepping out of consecrate.


I mean you’re right, now we will be 5k single target behind equal ilvl warriors instead of 7k. But judgment damage is the most boring thing in the universe and is already too important our kit due to holy power being a thing. I would rather have them change AS 100 different ways than see a % tacked on to judgment damage.

I don’t even think prot paladin needs that many changes other than more single target damage. Ret and Holy are far more dysfunctional specs and if those get updates first that’s a better use of dev time. And sure, there’s a perfect world where everyone gets what they want, but I don’t see that happening from blizz right now.

Divine Hammer should be given to Protection as well as RET. Consecration aura is pain and dampens movement. Avenger shield should gen holy power.

The Focused enmity change is garbage. You only take this ability if you’re going to be doing single-target AS dmg. Otherwise, it’s a worthless talent. With this change, we cannot control what our AS is going to multi-target. You might as well just take it away.

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