10,000 in Q 235min ETA

Tbh I think they’re making life hell now in prep for Wrath cuz they know launch day will be huge, so they’re trying to dissuade people from large servers and disperse them, then when launch comes they can open up layers, more can play, yet there will be more of an even population.

It’s like ramping up production ahead of a big order

Getting online after 3 hours waiting should give an achievement. AOTQ - Ahead of the Queue.


Wait is skyfury the “fresh” wrath realm ?

Working on LoL.

Queues are rough if you don’t like them or can’t work around them.

We just got another fresh server to distribute, disrupt and displace the fresh PVP server population. What next? Server transfers? Who knows… but it certainly seems that whatever the blues post is not very representative of what is happening at Blizzard.

Not sure why it would be worse at Wrath launch for Skyfury, but maybe it will. If you’ve been playing here since Pre-Patch, then you’ve been dealing with queues mostly the whole time, and for some reason decided that was the way to go.

I fully understand that you’re frustrated and want to complain and get changes, but at the same time I’m frustrated with the changes and the complaints! I like things the way they were yesterday. I don’t like that they added a new realm due to people who can’t or don’t understand how to deal with queues.

Move realms. Start over. Go back to your old mains. Or whatever else, but please leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our server without having to deal with the disastrous effects and aftermath that any “solutions” offer. Please.

I came to Skyfury because it’s where my friends were making their guild. I wont move unless they move. Making new servers and offering free transfers is not an option for alot of people, so I wouldn’t really call that a solution for those people. Also spreading everyone out into a vast array of dead servers isn’t what anyone wants, including the devs who have commented about that.

The really sad part is that you have probably 1/3rd of the server afk at dinner and coming to the screen every 30 minutes to press the space bar. These people stay logged in for hours because Blizzard is not doing anything to help the queues so if you want to play when you want to play this is the only method that is working and doesn t require remote access

Cool. Then your friends will understand your situation and that queues are preventing you from logging in after work. And accordingly, you’ll be able to play with them when you log in after the queue times or when the queues subside over the coming weeks.

Drastic knee-jerk changes like adding new realms and transfers have proven to be detrimental to server populations and balance. We had a wonderful realm for a couple of weeks. If that changes because people like you are complaining and can’t deal with it, then that’s a shame, but that seems to be why we have the changes we do and the problems we do.

You play alone don t you? You may be in a guild but you don t socialize…right? Because that comment fits people who play alone and don t care about the server they are on. People who have guilds that don t get baited to transfer know better

Actually, it fits people who don’t want their community to be disrupted due to a few people who want everything to change to accommodate their schedule.

The guy has a Season 4 geared level 70, so obviously the queues haven’t prevented him from playing that much. If playing with his group of friends is important to him and them, then they can roll elsewhere if the queue times are too much for them to deal with, you don’t have to kill servers and cause everyone to move with “fixes” that cause more harm than good, just because “I want to login now and I want to login where others are perfectly happy and destroy what they have, because that suits me.”

I’ve been trying to be understanding, but these complainers are hurting the community and hurting our server populations and balance. Look at what has happened since the launch of Classic in 2019.

It’s not about my friends understanding, it’s about waiting in a 4 hour queue. I’ll say it again, no one wants new realms or free transfers, not the devs, and not any players who understand the situation.

Blaming the players for Blizzards actions isn’t any more helpful than saying that the solution needs to be deeper than new realms and free transfers. Both statements may have truth to them in some ways, however Blizzard is still going to do what they want… If they don’t want to spend more money on server infrastructure and reworking the code to allow more players at one time and would rather spend that money on world wide WOTLK advertising then that is what will happen(and has been happening). But people are still going to come in the forums and talk about a 4 hour queue time… It’s like trying to hold back an avalanche, no way people are not going to respond to something so ridiculous, nor should they have to.

Yeah, that sucks. We all know it’s temporary, but you’re demanding a solution now. Is your group of friends not understanding enough to continue being friends and playing together if you hit queue times due to work for a couple of weeks?

Adding more realms is likely to (oh what was the blue post on exactly this topic again?):

Yet that’s what they did. So, now there’s another fresh start PVP realm. But that’s not good enough for you, even though it’s already something that will have negative effects on the community, because people couldn’t just play somewhere else with their groups of friends or wouldn’t.

So what next? Server transfers? What exactly are you asking for here, what is it that you want?

Now don’t get me wrong, I can understand that you are frustrated. And sure, you can’t play the game where you want, when you want and when you have time. I get that. Heck, I sat in 3 and half hour queues every single day last week. I made adjustments to my schedule and daily routine to work around it, and I get that some people are unable or unwilling to do that, but again there are options.

That would be the only solution I think that would be acceptable other than go play somewhere else or figure out how to deal with the queue times. But I don’t expect them to be able to rework the code within a couple of days, weeks or realistically even months.

Of course, and that is exactly part of the Classic experience. If you don’t want the queue times with your Classic experience, then just play somewhere else. Again, I do understand that you wanted to play on Skyfury and also play without queues, but you’ve had two weeks to reconsider rather than doubling down, and now you’re asking for changes that will hurt our server’s population and community. And sure, you’re entitled to ask for those changes, just as I’m entitled to point out that what you’re asking for is exactly the thing that lead to lopsided servers, dead servers, and massive transfers during WoW Classic and TBC Classic.

They’ve adjusted population per server to break-up “Mega Servers”. They said they wanted to get away from that… and here we are.

If you think this is legit… well… :clown_face:

Again, like I’ve told you multiple times… No one wants new servers or free transfers. Those are not real solutions and usually lead to bad things down the road.

Blizzard is going to need to spend some money to fix this one

All we can do is tell them what’s happening and what we want. How they choose to “fix” things is entirely up to them. If you feel that quietly waiting in queue for four hours a day for weeks is acceptable, then by all means say nothing. If you feel feel it’s unacceptable and new realms and free transfers are also unacceptable then I’d say voice your opinions and hope for the best. However, if you feel that people voicing their opinions on a forum with the word “Discussion” in the title is egregious enough to merit a cease and desist request, I’d say your out of luck.

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Because we don’t have access to their infrastructure or backend codebase, it’s difficult to speculate what sort of solutions might exist. We do know that they’ve stated:

This suggests (at least to me) that they have done some analysis and determined that implementing any solution they have considered is not possible or pragmatic within the period of time that such a solution would remain relevant.

I would imagine that they could do something like add side-car servers as clusters to the servers with queues where they could distribute the population among those clusters, then wind down the side-car servers as population subsides, but again without having access to their codebase (not to mention familiarity, which would also take time), it’s very difficult to speculate on what they might be able to do to resolve scaling issues.

People talk about server technology and infrastructure as if it’s just a matter of spending money on servers, but they don’t seem to consider that WoW began development in the 1990s, and the software they developed most likely would have to be completely re-designed, then rewritten to scale with modern server technology.

OK. Well that’s a completely fair point. I apologize if I’m just being salty towards you because I’m disappointed that right after they pointed out the detrimental effects adding new servers could have, they actually added a new server!

May your enjoyment be long, and your queue times short!

Skyfury best server :heart:

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/agree. It’s not going to happen this go-around. But now, during these outrageous queue times, is our opportunity to point out the need for a viable solution to a problem that has been ongoing through re-release Classic/BC/WoTLK. Possibly they will look down from Asgard and take pity on us and decide to get the ball moving in the right direction for the next go-around.

May Your queue times always be short as well and may your death knight class, the bane of my fellow mages everywhere, be nerfed into oblivion.

I suppose I can think of at least one compelling reason to do so:

In the future, if they release something like a Vanilla → TBC → WotLK Season of Mastery, they could do it on one server that can scale to infinite population numbers (obviously with layers [ or potentially sharding — zone-specific layers ]).

Who knows if we’ll have such queue times on servers old or new if we continue with the classic series to converge on Retail?

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That would be amazing no doubt.

The last thing I’d like to leave you and anyone else reading this is… The developers with boots on the ground are doing a great job and in no way is this their fault in my eyes. This is a spending issue that comes from up the food chain.

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Infinite population realm server doesn’t exist…


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