10.0 ptr? @ Blizzard

Yea I was unaware that it was the pre patch. I was made aware in another thread.

Buddy… The point of the public TEST realm is for the public to test… new things. You are completely oblivious.

Believe what you want. I’m not arguing against a brick wall. I know for a fact I’m right and you’re wrong. Plain and simple. Not wasting keystrokes on you.

For the final time. The PTR is not “beta for the masses”. It’s meant to make sure the upcoming patch, which will contain the core DF architectual changes, work. One of the most massive and persistent bugs on the Beta is with the most prominent and core system there is. I’m confident Blizzard can and will fix it before release, but I still question the fact they even feel it is “PTR ready” based on what I seen/experienced last night.


Thanks for the update Capt. Obvious. If you actually read the contents of this thread, you would see I made a comment without the proper information. Don’t come on here all rude. You, sir, are oblivious since you can’t read.

I think the concern lies in if they are making these fixes to talent trees in both PTR and Beta at the same time in tandem with one another… and what devastating consequence could happen if the code isn’t copied EXACTLY as it should be… i.e. PTR testing for pre-patch might have correct talents and then once Dragonflight releases, for some reason there was a comma missing somewhere and then everything breaks.

But I have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m not a coder. lol Let’s hope everything will be fine, right? <3

I have to agree. How can you test these things if they aren’t functioning? Why bother putting it out?

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That has been fixed supposedly as of last night.

I see the pre-patch as a transition period for players to get ready for the next xpac (or just goof off). No testing involved. Everything should be completed at this point

I see the PTR as a code-is-completed build but balance/tuning issues are addressed and certain features are added/removed because of feedback

I see any beta as a pre-release. There may be (a lot) of bugs. But the product is mostly finished

I see alpha testing as a product with incomplete features, etc.

What we see with this beta seems somewhere between an alpha and a beta, IMO. But I’m glad they’re getting more eyes on it by having it be a beta. It’d be real nice to play a successful xpac

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The PTR just lets people try out the pre-expansion event and test the new talent systems

It doesn’t let you make an evoker or level from 60-70

They will probably allow Evoker in later stages of PTR. Currently PTR is one build behind us in Beta.