10.0 ptr? @ Blizzard

Why bother have a “beta” when you just put the beta on the ptr?

Prepatch =/= Beta


You know what a pre-patch is, right? It’s when you are still in the earlier expansion (Shadowlands) but you have access to a few changes to the game, such as new talent systems, the new UI changes, and a few smaller things. There is no Dragonflight content included in the pre-patch. Every new expansion has a pre-patch.


PTR is same as a finished product.

Beta is well… you find things like this:

Incredibly scary they are even considering a PTR when the beta is rampant with bugs/issues with the talent system entirely even as late as yesterday.


Not exactly. PTR means public test realm. Definitely not finished product. Also, pre-patch isn’t the same as Dragonflight. Pre-patch is still Shadowlands.

Once again… This PTR is the PRE-PATCH. It just has a few features. It doesn’t have Dragon Isles content.

rogue tree is smaller on ptr than beta. also some talents still don’t work

I know that’s why I said “same as a”

I guess I could have said almost a finished product that probably would have sounded better.

My goof on that.

I am well aware of the difference between the PTR and Beta. Go and check the very first thing slated to be released with the pre patch.

Talent system. The thing that is horribly glitchy on beta where your character becomes a glorified paperweight for committing the crime of logging out, DCing, or just simply because the wind blew.


It. Is. PTR. Public Test Realm. PTR doesn’t mean that is the thing going to be pushed to live servers. You think the talents on the PTR will be pushed to live servers as they are now? lmfao

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Yes I absolutely think the same talent system and underlying architecture on the Beta that makes your character unplayable is the same talent system that will be on the PTR. I think it is you that is confused on what this patch is meant to contain and the significance of it.

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I think you are confused as to what PTR is…

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I most assuredly am not. The PTR is going to going to contain the underlying fundamental architecture of the DF talent system. This very same system that as of yesterday was horribly broken. Maybe their maintenance today will nip it in the bud, but most certainly their LAST pass at it didn’t work.

So what Blizzard is saying with THIS move is that they feel the underlying DF systems is in a BETTER place than their actual Beta environment where the system has been in the wild for however many months now.

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Well the interesting thing is if you check out the PTR talent system vs what we been seeing on the beta, at the very least for warriors anyways, it’s a completely different set up and path layout.

Yeah it’s the new talent changes they have been discussing for the past week.

You realize the PTR build won’t be on live servers for several weeks, right? lmfao

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Thats true but they are different than what was on the beta before the servers went down.

The beta is to test the new content being added to the game. Zones, dungeons, quests, etc.

The PTR is to allow people to test the new talent + crafting system so you get a much greater population pool able to offer feedback. Not exactly fair if only 5% of the population in the beta gets to provide feedback.


Of course I know this. You’re very clearly missing the point.

How about Blizzard fix the underlying problem before rolling out a PTR that is meant to include it. The sheer fact an issue of this scale and magnitude even existing in the Beta is concerning in itself. Like that isn’t some finding an invisible hole in the terrain or a bugged mob having an extra digit of health but a fundamental system and core aspect of your character that controls near you entire spellbook just suddenly becoming defunct.

Like it’s worse that defunct because it straight up works against the player. It would be BETTER if your talents became unallocated and you had to assign them again…it won’t even let you do that. It holds them hostage preventing you from reallocating them while still removing all the spells and talents at the same time.