10 minute q time to face an autoloss premade

Just reminds me that the bliz team doesn’t care about wasting our time as long as enough people are still using the q

if there is anything that irks me in an MMO that is designed entirely around progression, it is having my time wasted - especially when it could easily be prevented or lessened substantially


The “autoloss premade” is the designated winner. It’s a charade that the battle even takes place, because the winner is pre-determined by their gear.

I have no faith that this will be fixed in 9.1.


I had a thought the other day, where I feel like queuing into an in-prpgress game that results in a loss should knock 50% off your next queue. I agree, it’s annoying to sit in queue, get tossed in a hopeless game then have to queue back up after.

I would also like to see ‘win of the day’ turned into ‘winning or completion of like 3 games,’ whichever comes first.

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Don’t want to wait 10 minutes? Merc Alliance.

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I didn’t realize I could merc as a 48. The losses should come much faster as Alliance.

Entirely prevents your whining.

Yea you can. The fastest honor comes from queing as alliance in a lower than 60 bracket PvP. That is where all the premades like to farm honor on easy difficulty.

I tried that. I’ve been honor capped since level 35, so I don’t need honor for anything. You don’t earn rep when you merc, so back to horde queues.

I did not know that. They really need to let us spend that honor on max lvl gear.

As a 48 I have absolutely nothing I can spend honor on.

I’m 19,775/21k rep atm, but it goes slow when you’re not able to cap flags due to premades. That’s four 3 cap wins or 35 no cap losses.

I have 215 rep to go now, but unless we can cap some flags I won’t make it tonight.

Oh, joy. Another premade of entitled 60’s.

I completely feel your pain. I want to post something like this but I feel i’ll get flagged because I get flagged all the time for posts that I shouldn’t just because some leetest jerk doesn’t like when I make sense.

They need to fix this… Either allow you to turn your 15k capped honor into a token to save an start regaining honor or allow honor account wide.