10% DR in BGs, 25% DR in world - Save Unbalanced Servers

Hi, I’m horde on a horde dominated server. We did not ask for 10% DR change. This is great for boosting Warsong gulch! Awesome! I want more people to queue for WSG! But this is HORRIBLE for those who play on unbalanced pvp servers, especially those who are still leveling. It is basically an invitation for some griefer to corpse camp one player all day and say “well they’re worth honor”

Keep the 25% DR in open world. Switch to 10% only in BGs.
Horde Did Not Ask For This It Is Bad For Server Health Thx


Agree, but Blizzard doesn’t like classic. They are making changes to reduce it’s lifespan.

I actually agree. We didn’t want or ask for this at all, and in turn gives horde more advantage. 10%DR in bgs. 25% outside.


I did. So did anyone who’s on team no changes for that matter, because this was the original DR value for this patch in vanilla.



Actually blizzard is just following the original game. 10% DR was the original value. 25% is the change.

I mean 10% DR was the original value in vanilla.

Yes, hence #nochangesinaction. When a change is not a change.

Just more evidence blizz favours horde. Hell they doing things that benefit them without them even asking

Yes, it makes sense to keep 25% for wpvp.

It is also simple to do.

Hopefully they read this and decide to do just that. I don’t expect it but hey, maybe.

Sounds like someone is upset they only got a free rank 12-13 and not 14

It does mean big wPvP battles will be slightly more worth it should any server actually still have those (PvE servers?)

I’m not sure whether the DR change will actually impact the frequency of wPvP griefing. Even with 25% DR, most alliance players getting endlessly camped on the way to instances were killed way more than 4 times on average. Moreover, the most egregious griefers were often as low as Rank 3, implying that this behavior wasn’t in any way an attempt at maximizing honor per hour for hardcore rankers. I think the reality is that (a) toxic levels of griefing are simply fun for some players, (b) a large majority of these types of players (but not all obviously) rolled Horde on Horde-dominated servers, and © the honor system was just a catalyst to bring out the toxic behavior in full force. Unless the change to 10% DR somehow makes wPvP griefing competitive with BGs in honor per hour (which it won’t), I suspect we’ll see the same subset of the population participating as before.