10-79 PvP in WOTLK was fun

People actually did PvP from 10-79 and you got xp so there was incentive. Please bring back Random Battlegrounds nobody does BGs in TBC which sucks. Only negative I experienced in WOTLK was towards the end when everyone had heirlooms and I didn’t. I’m an altoholic lol

I’m looking forward to the incredulous crying that leveling-via-BGs really isn’t a thing in LKClassic (just as it really wasn’t during the original WoTLK) because LKClassic will have 1/100th of the player base. So, just as there are no low-level BGs in TBCC, there will be none in LKClassic either.

Having said that, playing a “Hot Streak” Fire Mage twink in all the best of the Invoker gear I could buy was a lot of fun. Total glass cannon spec.

Ill be BGing omw to 80, see you there.

Random queue is only available to Level 80s in Wrath, since it was only added halfway through ICC.

10-79s still have to queue for specific bgs, which will mostly be WSG until 51, and then mostly AV until 80.

noooo you cant do that
think about muh wpvp!

Oh your back complaining about bgs in wrath lmao, go find something else to do. Go back to your own post and complain about it their.