1 Hour Of Relaxing WoW Classic Rogue Gank Audio - Sounds To Relax / Study To -

I know I can’t be the only one to enjoy the sounds of ganking. :slight_smile:

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I would like a video of this length against real opponents. I hate all the crit reel PvP videos, or short 1 fight videos. I’d like one that was like an hour long against real opponents.

This one kindof bored bored me though because they were almost all low levels lol.

Edited to add that I realize that was your point and I actually really have always loved the sound of cheap shot. There’s something really satisfying about it.

Really something meant to just run in the background. Footage is grainy and low quality because it’s an hour long.

ASMR rogue ganks.

lmao some of those footages are golden. Loved the Dude leveling and dying 1 sec afterwards.
Thanks for the content.

Listening to this while I was programming

Very nice. Knew I wasn’t the only one that wanted this.

Sorry, I am partial to Goodnight Moon.

Did…did you just upload a video killing multiple low levels in epic gear?

And blowing ZG trinket etc on them.

Congrats, you played yourself.

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Is this the famous Swole ‘highest ilvl rogue, lowest dps’ Benji people were talking about many months ago? Glad to see you’re still kicking around.


Imagine caring about parses.