1.12 AV is a huge, huge mistake

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I don’t think you know the difference between 1.12 av and retail av.


Agree, Content should be like it was!


Blizzard listen, look at what happened to Sonic the Hedgehog :rofl: The creators listen to the fans . ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Director Says Design Changes ‘Going to Happen’ After Fan Backlash" They want the Original stuff


blizzards too busy developing spyware too release 1/3 of their BG’s not broken.

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LOL. Is that worse than you who only stops complaining about those 3 months 15 years ago to instead complain about something you agreed to?


It really wouldn’t work.

There are guards on the bridge, tons of NPCs in the bases.

If you think a rush in 1.5 or 1.8 would work - you haven’t played the real thing.

A quarter of the party would be dead or unmounted by the NPCs along the way you encounter, the base itself with all of its archers are going to severally wound or kill some of the players…and then you get to the boss. Not full strength, some players are dead…and none of you are at full health anymore, and you have tons of Elite NPCs on you.

Sure…go ahead an AoE. Won’t save you. Players around you, including you will drop like flies because the amount of damage coming in will be more then you can survive or dish out in return.

You HAVE to fight your way through them…otherwise you die.

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Are you basing this on your experience with 1.5 AV, 14 years ago? You have absolutely no evidence that a zerg wouldn’t work in 1.5 or 1.8 AV.

I’ve played 1.8 AV, I leveled up in 1.8 AV a bit and then hit it hard when I was 60. Where do you think I got my rank 10 title from?


I’ve seen it tried, thats why it didn’t happen because people knew better.

The ones if front would fall quickly, then the ones following them, the slow ones would be picked off by either players or other NPCs…it couldn’t happen because you would NOT have all 40 players arrive alive.

Half AT MOST would survive and even that was a big if.

I’ve seen it done, I’ve seen it fail time & time again in 1.5. 1.8, you’d have a better chance due to nerfs…but you’d fail in the 1.5 setting that we want.

I’d love to see you prove me wrong on that mate.


Heck, the most reliable strategy in 1.5? Get your elemental out (Horde was the best at this) and have the allies kite him to their boss…which we did. Plenty.

He would kill their lord in seconds. Thats how we usually ended a game.

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Well, that can’t be done since you know, we’re getting 1.12 AV.

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The way games played out in 2005, in 1.5 AV, would not be the same way they would play out in 2019 with patch 1.12 talents and gear.


What is the Alliance rank 10 title?

I know my rank was Blood Guard when they got pulled.

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Great - then bring it back. We want the show.

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Lieutenant Commander.


What was the high rank for Alliance?

High Warlord for Horde.

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You don’t have to tell me that, I’ve already done my share trying to convince Blizzard to implement the most complete version of AV. They’ve decided not to do it despite the community outcry for an earlier iteration of AV.


Grand Marshal


The outcry is big enough…and once they see the impact it will have, we may get a victory yet.

They have to address us sooner or later or discontent grows. It doesn’t die away like it used to.

Look at Anthem…and Diablo Immortal and the Command & Conquer mobile game. Players are fed up with not getting what they want. Blizzard will need to respond…

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Tell us more about how things played out before you started playing them, Plato.


Why resist, embrace AV 1.12, let it flow through you, dont resist it.