1.12 AV and BfA AV have little in common

If you called out all the people who lied instead of just those who want vanilla who lie this would be more believable.

You jump on anyone who wants authentic classic left right and center for anything close to a lie and i barely see you call out those asking for changes and crap when they lie.

That’s because you don’t pay any attention to the lies I call out from the other side because your bias won’t accept it. Should I go back and show you where I argued with Ziryus or called Fallanaa out for constantly telling people “Haha! I reported you!”

It’s not my fault that a particular few people continue to spread misinformation and lies.

To be fair anytime i see fallanaa post i tend to skip for obvious reasons. I’ll accept that answer lol.

Oh, you want to see me arguing for authenticity where few are still doing so? I posted in the loot trading sticky against Blizzard’s compromise to the community because I still think it’s unnecessary in any form.

You can click the little arrow to read the rest of that post. People don’t see that because it’s not something I need to spam over and over again. Blizzard reads my feedback and others and sends it along the path.

However, when someone lies over and over and over again, I’m going to refute their lie, over and over and over again. In fact, they could be doing so because they know I’m going to respond and then they can do what Brokenwind did and come here and say “oh but look how much you argue with people that want an authentic experience!”

Eh. I’d prefer no loot trading as well but i find limiting it to raids acceptable. Some battles jusr don’t need to be fought.

Sorry but stating that 1.12 is closer to retail than it is to 1.5 is not a lie.

You are correct - the current version of AV is not up for debate. No idea why this guy created this thread.

I’ve played BfA AV.

Instead of “Ride to Drek and kill him” it’s “wait for towers, then kill Drek” with an additional “try to zerg him anyway” if the Horde is ahead of us on tower capping.

It’s basically zerging with extra steps.

I would say though 1.12 AV gives more options of strategy though due to the fact reinforcements are not a thing. Sure Zerging could in fact be the dominant strategy, however it will be the communities decision on doing so.

Removing the time cap gives more options to do different strats.

It means a turtle might happen, though it feels dishonest to claim that they have “little in common” just because the BfA zerg strategy has an extra step.

and it feels like reaching when the OP is trying to claim class design as as difference of Alterac Valley.

Then BWL in BfA plays exactly the same as it did in Vanilla? What a joke. The classes completely change how the game plays, that includes AV.

More than class design has changed in regards to BWL so no, it doesn’t play exactly the same as it did in Vanilla.

and if it were equal in all other areas, it’d be reaching to claim “BWL is nothing like Vanilla” simply because the classes don’t play identically to how they did in 2006.

Like I said, BfA AV is zerging with 1 extra step. I’ve played it.

The fact that I have spells I didn’t in 2006 doesn’t change that.

Why does BfA AV play the way it does? If you added 1.5 AV NPCs and doubled their strength as well as removing reinforcements, would the games last 12+ hours in BfA?

I think you’re undervaluing that 1 extra step. Capping towers not only makes killing the Boss easier but it also reduces a lot of reinforcements, if your group is solid at back capping in retail that greatly increases your chances of winning the BG. And if both teams are even in and in a stand still the game will eventually end due to who either is successful of capping another tower or who kills more people.

This can’t happen in 1.12.

The biggest question about 1.12 is, are people just going to go with the flow of zerg due to saving time, by zerging you either win quickly or lose quickly, or are people going to be more concerned about winning and developing a strat to counter the zerg which will result in longer AVs.

In the rated BGs I’ve played in retail, we hardly ever zerg as Horde. In fact we choked up at IBT and methodically pushed the Alliance back slowly. By capping two of their towers and making sure they don’t cap any of ours we just would kill them leaving their base and not even worry about killing the general.

If you undid the changes to specifically only AV, what would happen would depend. Much like with Classic, 1.5 might be zergable anyway in which case people will do that because that’s the mentality now.

That would happen on Classic too in that case, though.

It’s worth noting I’m not saying they’re identical, but rather that claiming they have “very little in common” is being dishonest about just how similar the two are.

Yes different things can happen, but that doesn’t negate that the primary strategy is just zerging with tower caps.

A little off topic, but I couldn’t be happier that there will be loot trading. I had an incident once where I greeded on a tank piece for DE (I told the group I’d be doing this) but I didn’t realize the tank died and released so I got the item and things quickly turned toxic. I wanted him to have it. This change is just to reduce the GMs’ work load and prevent accidental drama.

How does that make them different? The fundamental game play is still similar. Npc’s are still laughable, and there are different styles of ‘zerg,’ so stating there is only one type seems wrong.
Zerging towers is, and has been labeled ‘zerging’ for years. Just because you think zerg only means rush captain doesn’t mean it’s the only style of zerging.
Zerging is more when you ignore the opposing side and just rush the objectives.

Does that really change the game play THAT much that the fundamentals of the game changes? It’s like saying a slightly faster swing on a hack and slash changes everything, it doesn’t, it’s still the same game play, just different mechanics of the class.

neither helps with preventing people from ignoring each other do they? without reinforcements allows you to turtle but considering towers reduces it and captain kill ends the game there is no real point in doing it.
1.12 AV has weak NPC’s so you can easily rush towers, ignoring players, wait, and then kill captain, fundamental’s the same as current AV.

Yeah because they changed that because they wanted ability’s interactions to be smoother, no bubbling and still dying for instance thus they removed it.

1.12AV might have differences but the play style will still be the same. Rush towers and hope you got them faster then kill captain. Turtling up is almost pointless and backcapping will generally be ignored because tower caps will be so close that unless you knew 100% you’d get the tower, you’d want all Dps on the captain for a better chance of winning.
Neither one gives a reason to turtle for anyone.
1.5 AV or older versions past 1.12 where NPC’s where stronger allows for a difference then current style of AV. 1.5 (using it as a base so people can understand) allows for 5-10 players to be effective while on D (alliance better because of tower position) but it still gives you a reason to play D.

Also 1.12 AV might not be ‘Zerg the captain’ at the start, but with gear it becomes possible, maybe around BWL, but people are complaining they don’t want a potential ‘Zerg the captain.’
Just cuz you don’t like the different types of zerg doesn’t mean anything much.

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