1.12 AV and BfA AV have little in common

Disclaimer: I want Blizzard to restore all the NPCs, including the mine laying NPCs and Korrak. I want Blizzard to restore their original difficulty as well. I’d also like Blizzard to restore the old map but I don’t think that’s likely to happen.

The reason I’m making this post is because I’m tired of people telling others to go play BfA AV if they want 1.12 AV. I’m tired of seeing dishonest arguments because they’re not going to get us the more complete version of AV that many of us seem to want.

I keep seeing this disingenuous argument being put forth by a few posters that anyone who prefers 1.12 AV should just play BfA AV because they’re nearly identical. The only significant thing BfA AV and 1.12 AV have in common is their map and the number of NPCs.


  • The NPCs in BfA AV scale with ilvl, this makes a zerg to kill the General incredibly difficult, if not impossible.
  • The classes, you know; the things that we play? They’re completely different from how they were in Vanilla. You have spells like Cloak of Shadows and Herosim/Timewarp/Bloodlust.
  • BfA AV has reinforcements and the mines that raise your number of reinforcements.
  • We have items like Goblin Gliders. Do you remember in 1.12 AV, when the enemy would fly down on you on Goblin Gliders from the hill up by IWB? Yeah, me neither.
  • 1.12 AV, like 1.5 AV had Vanilla spell batching.

TLDR; If you think 1.12 AV is just “a zerg like BfA AV”, I challenge you to go on BfA and try to convince your team to ride to the General and kill him. Try it one time, try it one hundred times; the result is going to be the same. You’ll be ignored and ridiculed for suggesting you can just zerg the General.

I’m of the opinion that 1.12 AV would be zerged more often but 1.5 AV isn’t immune to a zerg; they’ll both end more quickly as the playerbase obtains more gear. However, saying “1.12 AV is almost always a zerg just like BfA AV” is not a factual comparison, is unnecessary and actually hurts your argument because it shows you’re not willing to spend the effort to research things before you make claims.

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1.12 AV doesn’t have reinforcements, the single biggest motivator of just zerg or lose quick mentality.

Galdor if you posted as much about actually wanting early AV rather than continually playing gotcha and hall monitor about comparisons to bfa AV, you would be viewed less like a troll.


I don’t really understand the point of this post.

Also the TLDR is 2 paragraphs long. What is the TLDR for the TLDR?

I do believe someone’s sense/idea of argumentative communication (on a video game forum) is not being adhered to and it is bothering them slightly.

I might be mistaken.


“LOOK AT MEEEEEE”, basically

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I don’t care about “gotcha” moments. I want people to stop lying. Too much to ask?

As opposed to your 1617 posts on this forum when you’ve already told us you’re not going to be playing Classic?


When we say “zerg” - we mean avoiding drawn out pvp. The order and time to kill are interesting but beside the point.

From what I’ve seen, the people comparing 1.12 AV and BfA AV mean “rush and kill the general while skipping the other objectives and PvP.”

This is the general consensus from those comparing 1.12 AV and BfA AV from what I can see.

Are long games the determining factor for what constitutes a zerg and what doesn’t? Is Arathi Basin considered a zerg because the games don’t last for 12+ hours?

You have to take a few objectives on either version. The concern is that both versions (1.12 and current) don’t lend themselves to long games.

Well, yeah.

This is sooo close to literally comparing apples to oranges.

He puts so much effort into not supporting early AV…

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By comparing 1.12 AV to BfA AV and telling those that want 1.12 AV they can get that experience on BfA isn’t arguing for a more complete version of AV in Classic. You’re not going to deceive Blizzard like that, people like YOU are doing more harm to the cause than good.

Stop comparing 1.12 AV to BfA AV and you’ll stop seeing my posts calling out the dishonesty of that comparison. You won’t stop however, because you’re resigned to the fact that Blizzard has stated their intention to use 1.12 AV and you have admitted this in previous posts.

People like you are the reason I put that disclaimer at the top of my post. Should I bolden it, put forth my entire argument for the more complete version of AV every single time I call one of you trolls out? I’ll do that, if it’ll make you happy (it won’t).

You LITERALLY have to put a disclaimer. Gee, would happen to have to do with the frequency that you hall monitor mogar rather than actually expressing support for early AV.

Your “support” for early AV is entirely eclipsed by your rabid posting against comparisons to bfa. I mean look at this thread. You created a whole separate thread to carry on about this. No wonder you need that disclaimer.

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You and Mogar’s support for 1.5 AV is eclipsed by your rabid comparisons of 1.12 AV to BfA AV.

Why don’t we tell the people that want 1.12 threat BWL to go play BWL on BfA?

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And you happily mess with the signal to noise ratio, rather than simply supporting early AV.

And for the record, I see 1.7 as the best compromise and have said such repeatedly.

Have you actually read one of the threads on that subject of threat management in late vanilla?

The crux of our argument here is you want me to ignore a lie that you and Mogar continue to perpetuate because you think it supports your position. I won’t compromise my integrity because I want something. If you have no problem doing that, then that’s your problem.

Reading tons of post on the issue I do understand where Galdor coming from there are many post when someone is for 1.12 AV the retort is go play BFA or something of that nature. He got a point you guys want blizzard to take you seriously about your passion or desire you have to argue with facts. When people use the well there BFA argument all it shows is your just blowing smoke out ur butt crack and just stomping your feet over your dislike for BFA.

It ok to be passionate about something and feel strongly one version would be better than another use the issue that are actually about the topic throwing out the default oh BFA…… shows little passion in stance only dislike for the current version of wow, which isn’t the debate or issue no one asking would you like classic or BFA version of something.

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