05/23 - 05/29 Arena Points Given as Honor

Any update yet on those who haven’t gotten the correct arena points from last week?

this is ridiculous, i grinded my rating up for 3 days just to not get any points at all? i need the furious weap.

received neither arena points nor honor on my dk, unholyzukra-pagle as I was honor capped. please fix this

Crazy this still hasn’t been fixed and there’s been no updates.

I’ve had several of my characters receive points now. My warrior Themachoman still hasn’t received his points. They must be doing it in batches.

A little while ago, the fix was deployed for this. Upon login, the game will now award the missing Arena points to player-characters who did not receive them.

This fix may not be apparent to player-characters who have been logged in for the last hour or more. Because of caching, those player-characters may need to stay logged out for several minutes before logging back in will pick up the Arena points.

Thank you!


Question? I am well above the cut off for the 252 pvp weapons and I can’t buy them. This happens each week and I usually have to que a game but since I can’t I am not able to buy the 252 weps.

ussual reload ui fixes it or relogging character a few times

Thank you! I just qued a skim and it worked.

By several minutes they seem to have meant more than 20. I’ll check in the morning I guess.


Did what Themachoman suggested after having not logged in for hours, and still no arena points. This is awesome! Thanks Blizzard!

I was saying that for if it says you don’t have ratings for weapons. I am in the same boat though, all of my characters except my warrior have gotten points now. I have been off my warrior for hours and still don’t have points. Hopefully it is fixed by tommorow.

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please update us if you receive them, I’m in the same boat now with my pally. Other characters have received them but my main has not

Also in the same boat, 3 hours after the blue post and still no points on my DK but it looks like my other characters were adjusted. I just want my 252 weapon

Same thing. I wonder if it has anything to do with doing daily bg wins and getting the arena points there if it bugs it or it’s just taking forever on some characters. I’m in the same boat can buy my weapon when/if my warrior gets the points. I will update if mine gets fixed.

Pog. Logged for a few mins, have points now. Thanks to the team for fixing.

Still nothing (oce).

Just logged in and one of my two toons now has points.

Hopefully other one gets them aswell

I will say that I did do my daily wins both days since patch and have not received my arena points from my rating yet. I wonder if the people that are getting them on some toons but not others can confirm anything.

Haven’t done bgs on either characters. One randomly got awarded arena points today.

Kept the honor they gave me also

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