🐍 [H] SIN - Now recruiting for BWL 8/8 Semi Hardcore Players for Healers that can CONSISTENTLY raid both days on Wed / Sun 8:30 pm Server

:zap: [H] Are you looking for a Guild? :zap: Now recruiting Lvl 60 Pvpers for World PvP and PvE - Shaman Healers, Druid Healer, Priest Healers

Also looking for all Roles for our 2nd Raid group which is currently just MC but hoping to roll that group into BWL as soon as they are ready as well.

msg Khaalathas, Grahn, Hoola

Still Looking for PvPers and people that just want to play alongside a great group of people and have a good time :slight_smile:

Still looking for more people to join us for PvP action.

For the Horde! Let’s get out there and collect the heads of the alliance.

:zap: list of recruitment needs updated in title

Looking for people who can CONSISTENTLY raid Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00pm server

now 10/10 MC

Looking for a Shaman Healer or two and some ranged dps - Contact myself, Ariez, or Meromero for an invite and/or Details

great guild, would recommend


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Are you ready for BWL? Come join a great group of guys for clearing content and having fun :slight_smile:

Still looking for more healers and ranged dps hit us up

We are 11/11 and we are hoping to be starting BWL soon

We are now in BWL working on progression Razorgore down Vael to 3% more to come this week :slight_smile:

Hi! Are you all recruiting rogues for raiding?

We Are still looking Contention - seems to be one of the classes we just haven’t been able to fill for some reason and we really want to go more melee heavy in our raid 1 group. Please msg myself Hoola, Caylo, or Grahn in Game and we can get you an invite if you can make our raids on wed sun at 8:30pm server

now rocking 8/8 BWL - come join the fun -

looking to stock up on a couple healers for core raid group -

looking for Warrior Tanks & Fury, DPS, Healers for our second raid group and hoping to build up a strong second Core group to have a 2nd BWL group after farming MC in that group for a short bit.

Now recruiting for a soon to be BWL2 Group - pst Khaalathas, Caylo, Koren, Grahn for invite

Looking for more Core Players for AQ40 - Geared Fury Wars, Rogues, Resto Shaman, Priests

Great guild with lovely people! Def worth joining! Unfortunately for me my work schedule interferes with raid schedule…

Def check them out!

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