🏴‍☠️ <Grim> looking for raiders!


Grim is looking to add a few more core raid members to our ranks!

A little about us: Established in just after launch in 2004, we are one of the original raid guilds from Daggerspine-US . When Classic rolled around, we decided to give it a shot; reuniting a cadre of members both new and old; many from original Daggerspine guilds such as Unfortunate Consequences (UC) and Furniture That Kills (FTK).

As a Classic guild, we have two primary goals:

  • To experience Classic together, in a positive and mature environment, that keeps the enjoyable atmosphere, camaraderie, and spirit of Vanilla at the forefront.
  • To provide an efficient raiding environment, conducive to those with time constraints, that ultimately strives to conquer the entirety of endgame PvE content.

We seek to try and get the most out of the Classic raiding experience, while maintaining a reasonable life balance.

We’ve had current phase raid content on farm since the end of October, built our first Sulfuras, and are currently entertaining ourselves with PvP/Battlegrounds while we continuing to fine tune our raid efforts and farm some of those pesky items that just won’t drop (looking at you Deathbringer/BRE).

We’re in search of a few more members to round out our core raid team as we prepare to take on Nefarian in phase 3.

Requirements: We are not a hardcore guild. We do not expect you to dedicate your life to raiding. We don’t want you to pay to raid, and we do not have any PvP/Honor requirements. We are open to any build/spec that works in PvE raids.

For the most part, we are all laid-back adults, with families/jobs/responsibilities outside of the game, and we are seeking players who share a similar mentality, or would like to play the game at that level of commitment.

We do have a certain level of expectation for all our raiders: other than attending regularly scheduled raids, we expect you to be self-sufficient, able to effectively pilot your class within a raid environment (improving when needed), and work towards the betterment of the raid.

Most importantly, we all manage to get along, and we’d like to keep it that way. We value positive people with good attitudes, and look for that in our applicants. Jerks, a-holes, big egos, or entitled people are not a good match.

Raid Days/Times: Whenever possible, we try to make the best use of our dedicated raid time. Currently, this means we may occasionally clear raid content only one day a week (when resets allow), and use our other night for things like farming trash, PVP, etc. We prefer to adhere to a set schedule, but we may sparingly shift raid schedules around from time to time to accommodate things such as finishing a clear (or the holidays).

Our current scheduled raid nights are:

  • Tuesday 7:00 to 10:00 pm PST
  • Sunday 6:00 to 9:00 pm PST

Loot: As a Guild, we have recently decided to adopt a Loot Council system. While we are currently working out the details, any of our Officers (see below) would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Looking For: At the moment, we are welcoming applications from all classes, though in particular, we would love to see the following:

  • Shamans
  • Druids
  • DPS Warriors
  • Ranged/Caster DPS (someone please come take all this hunter gear)

Apply: Interested in joining? Great! We ask that you please take a few minutes to fill out this application: forms.gle/CCb6ccLSq535NWVq7

Once completed, please get in touch with us! Send a message to one of our Officers (Dresser, Geas, Glovik, Kuwanger, Owensir, Sef, or Sorvis) in game, or join our discord: discord.gg/UVnnCuG

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Yarrr, We still be recruiting!

And yes, we still need hunters

Another week in MC, another Blastershot Launcher :roll_eyes:

We’ve welcomed a couple new members recently, but still looking to add a few more. Get in touch with one of us if you’re interested!

Any interest in a Shaman Tank? I have logs from MC, cheers!

Hi Zam, while we’ve got a pretty solid tanking team at the moment, feel free to reach out to one of us and we can have a conversation.

I shot you guys an application a few days ago, take a look, I’ll try to pst someone in game!

Heyo, as BWL approaches, we’re still looking to fill our last few remaining slots. Our tanking team is all set, and we’re pretty much full on priests:

Druid: Low
Hunter: Low
Mage: Low
Priest: Closed
Rogue: Low
Shaman: (Resto: High)
Warlock: Low
Warrior: (DPS Medium) (Tanks Closed)

Apply at grimguild .net, or get in touch with one of us.

Lot’s of fun stuff happening lately!

We’ve been grinding consumables for the launch of BWL, and pushing our clear times down in Molten Core. Our run last week was 1h23m with 36 people, and we’re aiming keep moving that closer to the 60min mark.

We’d still like to bring on a few more people to be part of our core raid family. Our tanking & healing teams are looking great (as always), so we’d mainly like to see a few more DPS to come on board (hunters, mages, warlocks, DPS warriors).

That said, we will always consider applications from skilled players of any class, outside of tanks!

Send a message to either myself, Dresser, Glovik, Kuwanger, Sef, or Sorvis in game, or visit grimguild dot net to get in touch!

5/8 in BWL, Nef here we come!

Still looking for a few more people to fill up our BWL raid, and open to most classes 55+ who are interested in raiding MC/Ony!

BWL on farm, 8/8 in a single night!

Join us!

www.grimguild .net

Or, send a message to either myself, Dresser, Geas, Kuwanger, Sef, or Sorvis in game!

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Still looking to fill our last few raid spots. Currently looking for:

1-2 Healers & a Melee DPS

grimguild dot net !


Looking for 1 Healer (Priest or Resto Shaman) and 1 Melee DPS!

apply at grimguild dot net


Hello hello, we are getting ready for AQ, and currently looking to add the following to our core raid team:

1 Healer
1 Hunter
1 Warlock

more information & apply at: grim guild dot net !