🏕️ Vulpera Camp Racial for EVERYONE!

I have to agree that the camping racial is cool and a big advantage for farming things.

Even if they gave everyone else a long cooldown, it would be nice to have.

Current Cooldown is 1 hour thats fairly long

No, because it is one of the things that is (and should be) unique to Vulpera. They are nomads that roam from place to place singing…

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I feel like I recall talk of this racial ability many expansions ago, but it was not a racial. If I remember correctly, it was to be a leather-working item for making a camp/tent. I could be completely wrong and this was just a fantasy I had once but I am certainly on board with making this accessible to more than just a race.

Blizzard have said years ago on the topic of things like player housing that they don’t want clutter in the world. This can be worked around! Instead of garrisons imagine if we had got a deploy-able campsite that visually persists for other players for like 10 minutes, unless perhaps if they were in a group with you. Imagine little side quests and achievements per expansion that introduce new perks to your camp like customizing the appearance and adding a vendor/mailbox etc. Imagine getting together with your guild and everyone deploying their camps together to make a small village. limits to areas you can do this would be easy to apply (i.e. in a quest hub or right on top of npcs.) Anyways I am rambling and getting carried away. Ultimately, it seems awfully short sighted to make this limited mechanic exclusive to one allied race within one faction.

TLDR I would love this to be accessible to everyone, and I wish blizzard had taken the time to give us something akin to deploying a customizable camp site rather than garrisons.

Really? Then I think that the Dark Iron Mole Machines scattered around the world should be available for everyone with a Direbrew remote. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to use those mole machines either if we have the remote, right?

I also think that every player should be able to use the Zandalari Loa Racial, there is literally nothing stopping any player from committing themselves to a Loa like the Zandalari do.

Also the Goblin Hob Goblin, any player should be able to get a personal banker on CD just like a Goblin. Who is to say a player can’t hire/acquire a personal banker.


No, Racials should be exclusive.

Do I think there should be tent toys? Sure, I think they could be fun for people, but not at the cost of watering down the Vulpera racial or entirely stripping something that is unique to them out of envy.

Much like how there are alternative backpack options to the new RAF backpack (Vulpera Heritage and the Black Prince Bag) there certainly is room for a different tent toy, but I think its kinda petty to try and strip away a racial purely for cosmetic reasons.

… Are… are you serious? The biggest complaint I have seen on the forums is how under powered the Vulpera racials are compared to the Mechagnomes because most their racials are not combat focused… I have literally never seen a thread stating that the Vulpera had overpowered racials, In fact I have seen more complaints over the damage reduction racial than anything else and the bag of tricks racial is still not fully finalized.

The majority of the Vulpera racials are fun or quality of life related compared to most races. How can you say they are “overpowered”? It really just seems like you are trying to make excuses because you want something stripped away from them to have for yourself.

Again, certainly is room to have different tent toys and a valid thread to request that there should be tent toys, but not by demanding that something unique be taken away from a race.


If you want the camp racial, roll a Vulpera.
Just like any other racial…it belongs to the race it was given to…and no one else.

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I still don’t get why vulpera get in but snake folk can not

Unless your Worgen and what was a unique 1% crit racial was suddenly handed out like candy to a number of races.

It’s almost as if some people aren’t happy unless they can have what others have. Did people demand/ask for worgen racial?

I got vulpera pretty much unlocked on my Horde toon

No. There’s tons of portals and even my Mages never have a need to use their own anymore as there’s so many portals in-game. 3 hearthstones isn’t that many.

Vulpera should have their own gimmicky stuff.

Oh yeah man, it’s totally unfair that they have a unique racial that helps them the same way many other racials do! We should all have it!

You know, it’s funny, there was a satire thread a while back making fun of people who refuse to play without flying, and how they just want maximum convenience without substance, by saying “Yeah, we should just teleport from objective to objective instead!”

To an extent that’s kind of what this thread wants, and that’s hilarious to me.

Nah, I think it’s absolutely FINE how it is right now. Vulpera are a soon to be new addition to Allied races, so them having their own gimmicky fun racials is what every other race has in WoW, their own racials.

Easy solution, roll as a Vulpera instead of a Pandaren, problem solved.


Wait, op racials?
They’re adorable and tbh that’s 101% the reason I’m making one (6, actually), but their racial skills suck lol I personally don’t care about racials like, at all, but I know some people do and for these people Vulpera are basically the least desirable race.
Even Mechagnomes with all their ugliness have WAAAAY better racials than them.

I’d be absolutely fine with everyone getting the ability to make camp if we got another fun combat racial in it’s place.

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Imagine playing a vulpera shaman. Set your hearth to just outside an instance and use your 10 minute recall every time you clear it. The best transmog farmer in the game.

I think the racial of having a camp a person can actually warp back to should be kept for Vulpera. If they were to make it something accessible to other races they should make it a cosmetic toy. Something like the Loveseat a person could put down and just use as a seat. It would be fun for RP.

Vulperas are living in desert camps, we live in big cities with amenities.
Maybe Blizz should give tents to all furries?

This isn’t CoD. It’s bad enough it’s owned by Activision, do we really need to deal with a bunch of campers here too?


Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here dodging tomatoes all week.