⚔️[A][Dalaran] 7/10 M Nexus is recruiting a Healer and Ranged DPS for Monday/Wednesday mythic raiding⚔️

[A][US][Dalaran] Nexus is recruiting players interested in two-night mythic raiding. Here are the highlights:

Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays 8-11PM Central.

Progression: 7/10 Mythic, 10/10 Heroic

High priority: Mage or other Ranged DPS
Will always consider exceptional players for any role.

Contact Information: Rakshaza#1568 or Halbrium#1395

We are looking to augment our existing, CE-experienced core with motivated players looking to improve. Nexus has been around for just over ten years now, raiding from Cataclysm all the way through Legion, hovering around the US ~500-600 mark (occasionally 300) for mythic progression. We stopped raiding in Uldir due to guild-wide burnout and dissatisfaction with the expansion, but Nexus is back with a vengeance in Shadowlands!

In particular, we are looking for raiders who are looking to make progress on an abbreviated schedule - just six hours of raiding a week means we have to be efficient and quick learners to make any real progress.

Nexus strives to be a guild where people show up to play with their guildies and do hard content - not just to progress and parse. We promote an attitude of constant self-analysis and improvement among our raid team, but we are not in the habit of making raiders duke it out for a spot on the raid team every week. This is a tough line to walk sometimes, but we walk it nonetheless.

Still looking for new raiders!

Come trial with us!

Looking forward to a great raid tonight!

We had a great raid last night, one shotting almost all the bosses back up to Fatescribe - planning on starting heroic KT on Monday!

Come join us for KT progression on Monday!

It’s Friday! A great day to trial with an incredible guild.

Looking for some great new teammates!

Come join us for some fun progression this Monday!

Still looking for some great new dps and healers!

Now 9/10 Heroic!

Hope everyone got something great in the vault!

Still looking for more!

Looking for another healer! Add our battletags!

Excited for Monday’s raid!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.

Excited about progressing on Mythic Eye tomorrow!

Still looking for great players!

Excited for Wednesday’s raid!

Come join us next week for mythic eye progression!