♥ <PremoGaming> 12/12 H 2 day AOTC LF Raiders/ M+ runners

Downed 1/2 H and almost downed 2/2 H in Crucible. Come join us for more fun!

Looking for more great players!

Hey there,
What classes are y’all currently looking for?

I added Moonpie on BNet but figured I would drop a line here too :slight_smile:

Hey there :slight_smile: We’re not really looking for any specific classes, however preferably DPS

Looking for a few more DPS for raiding and mythic +

Bump for a few more players to keep our raid roster ready to go!

looking for more to join us!

Bump for more great players!

Looking for more fun players!

Looking for more to join us for raiding and mythic +

Wanting to add more to the raiding roster and do mythic + before 8.2

Looking to bolster our ranks before 8.2 :slight_smile:

Looking for more great players!

Come join us for fun!

Looking for more in prep for 8.2 :slight_smile:

looking to add more players :slight_smile:

Looking to add more players to the roster

Looking for more for 8.2 and Classic

want some more players on the roster :slight_smile:

Let’s be friends! Join us for 8.2